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Thursday, Jan 11th

This evening I printed out the entry form for the vermont 100, 2007. What this represents to me is a very tiny first step towards the toughest thing I’ve consinderd tackling to date, I am over 7 months away from the race but I know how quickly this will be apon me and one more time I will line up at the start of another adventure. I’m risisting the urge to put this on the front page of this space, not because I am leaving the back door ajar should I loose my nerve or not manage to put the logistics together. But rather because lately my runnin has become a more personal & solitary indulgence…. and this race will be my biggest self-indulgence to date.

As far as the training goes, I haven’t put together a schedule yet but I’d like to get a couple or three 50 mile/week months in, after a couple of 40’s. I’ll need all the hills I can get and a bunch of long [maybe overnight] night runs to get my head around that. I go into this pretty much injury free and well rested having really not pushed myself at all since september’s vt50. As a tune up I would like to do the Wapack 50 Mofun Thing and if I really want to push my luck with the long suffering family I wouldn’t mind trying for a BQ at Ottawa…. but somehow I fear 2 weeks wouldn’t be enough space between the 2 events… we’ll see I guess. In the meantime I will start daydreaming about the big one.

I must confess I enjoy the anticipation, I know the training will be tough, but so what’s new….. it’s been a while since I’v e really seriosly psyched myself up into something like this… it sort of feels like the fisrts marathon or 50 all over again. And so far my first crack at any new distance has been my best performance, probably due to my overkill on the training.

Anyway, I not sure how or how frequently but I’ll try and update this page as I go along as a sort of running log on the First 100!

Friday, Jan 12th

The word for the day is inner-wimpitude: This is the little bug in your software that derails the best of intentions. I blame this flaw for my not taking myself out into the cold/wet/icey woods last night… instead I sat on the couch and chatted with Gomez, ate chocolate and generally squandered my precious time. Note to self…. stay away from the sofa ! I wish the weather had been a little better the daylight a little longer and my puppy a little more mature….. then I would’ve just done it… ho humm We’ll see if we can get our crap together today, however , we’re off to a mediocre start… I’ve just picked up where I left off last night. I know, I’ll pin my vt100 application form to the office wall, mabe that’ll inspire me to be more careful with time…. there it’s done, covering the Boston Marathon poster…. onwards & upwards!

Saturday, 13th Jan.

Finally I got to run! albeit a late start.

Temp +/- -7c…. very icey on the trails in spots. I managed to wipe out and bang up my knee quite well. Distance about 15 miles

Mont Royal 01-13-07

Nice steady HR… ave 151, total time 2:10, picked up the pace at the end… felt good

Sunday, 14th Jan

Ran the same as the the day before with one less loop, only this time in the dark with the headlamp…. if anything the legs felt better than the day before! strong & loose

Temp, about -4c, distance about 13 miles…. no problems to report. just a little slower, hard work in the dark… HR 145 which sort of reflects how I felt compared to the previous run on the same route… hmmm

Generally very happy with the weekends tiny brick. 01-14-07.jpg

Monday, Jan 15th

Mondays I take off. The legs felt pretty good this morning when I took Gomez for a walk at about 6:30 am. I reckon that I am walking about 1,5 hours a day with the puppy = +/- 10hours/week = about 30 miles…. does this count for anything…. could I consider it my recovery runs that I never do?

tuesday, jan 16th

…. and tuesday’s is gym. lots of new january new year’s resolution faces…. they’ll be mostly gone by by valentines day.

stretched carefully, ran 8 miles with .25 intervals, splits are ok but tm splits are always ok [7:27, 7:08, 7:15, 7:13, 7:15, 7:14, 7:15, 7:03] & then 4 easy… getting faster towords the end, boredom setting in[8:23, 8:25, 8:01, 7:13] ….. I’ll duplicate this run in a month and we’ll compare… as I have now figured out how to put one graph over thenext…. dah! Ave HR 161


generally it was a good run …. a little sluggish at the start and tough at the end…. but OK. stretched some more, played with the swiss ball… crunches, blah blah blah…. and steam bath…… nice graph eh? shows the intervals & my boredom toward the end….. plus there was a huge “lifter” doing hids 3 minutes of cardio on the next TM…. so we put ours up to 10mph …. he didn’t seem impressed

wednesday 17th-wednesday 24th

there’s really not much you can do when work blotts out the light in your day. One whole week without a run. There was a time when I would worry & get upset about an imposed break like this, but not now. The good news is that as this showhas been moved into january, I’ll get a chance to do the ile bizard 10K


anyway I’m planning a trip to gym tomorrow, something early saturday on the mountain and then maybe something sunday afternoon. Dont touch that dial!

Thursday, 25th Jan

good workout at the gym on the TM…. way too cold outside -32c with the wind factor! Stretched, 8 miles with 8 x .25 intervals @ 6:30-6:45 balance done at 7:00- 7:10… no problems, legs felt good, HR lower than the last couple of runs [=rested, I guess] nice splits: 7:09, 7:oo, 7:00, 6:59, 6:47, 6:56, 6:41 total 55:34 (add 15 secs coz i got off for a pee). ave HR 160


these little graphs should expand if we click on them….

Saturday, 27th jan.

Spent the day skiing, just Tom & I. He is really very good at it these days and leaves me in the dust…. my excuse was I had “tired legs” from Thursday’s workout. Anyway we skied for about 4 hours pretty much non-stop, which although it isn’t running I think it counts for something in the cross-training catagory. A very tough workout!

January total: a mere 78 miles! Just one of thoose months where work seemed to take up too much space and the days just weren’t long enough. The running that I did manage to squeeze in felt good, no aches, no pains, except for one blister and an achey ankle after the skiing… The weather didn’t really help, although this should not be considered as a valid excuse… I don’t mind weather.

Thursday,Feb 01

A jog round the block after dinner Argh! 6.35 slow miles…. cold and uninspiring.

Saturday, Feb 03

A superb, serene 3:08 on the mountain. Home to the top & 5 loops, which I figure is about 18 miles. Legs felt good all the way, no aches or pains. Started at about 7:45am with the most perfect blue sky, tunes and a case of the “Oh be Joyfuls” ….. add half an hour of dog walking before and an hour afterwards too.


the splits for the 5 loops…. nice steady pace! 20:22, 19:57, 20:18, 20:33, 20:25

Sunday, Feb 04

Second half of the brick [not a very big one] another 1:58 on the mountain. Nice easy pace… ave HR 140. First hour with Roly & KJ, second hour on the trails with Roly. Legs felt good… actually felt better after they warmed up for an hour or so….


Monday, feb 5th

should’ve been a day of rest, however as I’m gonna be in TO tomorrow and wont be able to get a workount in I postponed my day off. Ran 4 miles [29:01] & rowed for 20 mins… loads of stretching, core & a few weights 30 mins in the steam bath!! It all felt pretty easy tho.. I was a little knackered when I got home.

row02-051.jpg run02-05.jpg

the HR for the run seems really eratic[sp] ….. hmm do I need a new battery? and my watch too I guess….. but the rowing graph [% of max] is nice and steady, guess I wasmore tired than I thought. To bed………

Tuesday feb 6th.

Nada. slept on the plane to TO….. slept on the plane back

Wednesday, feb 7th

A cold, windy [-24c when you added the two together] jog round the block 6.35miles 53:31… slow yet satisfying. iou one graph…. LOST starts tonight….. not sure if I’m bored with it 100%….. but it’s close

Friday, feb 9th

a really cold run around the block, froze my nuts off …. fogot the second pair of tights! 52:1… 6.35miles HR 152

Saturday, feb 10th

from home to the top plus 2 loops. Easy pace 43:14, 18:57, 18:16, 38:33 HR 143…. felt pretty good if I recall, it’s now over a week since this workout….

Sunday, 11th Feb.

a couple of hours on the mountain: 2:10 nice easy workout… nothing to report that I can recall anyway 13 miles HR 142

Tuesday 13th, feb

well here’s an interesting (not really) comparison. Anintervall workout TM 16/01 with 4 weeks later 13/02


I am making some progress: the splits for the first 8 miles with the intervals are all about 10 secs/mile faster and the HR in about 3bpm lower….. woohoo!! TM 9 miles w/8 x .25 intervals 1:04 I had planned to do 12 miles but my ipo’s battery died and I got bored/tired/hungry/needed a pee so I stopped at 9

Thursday, 15th feb

I had planned to run around the block but left it to late so I hoped on the ET for 50 minutes instead…. not a bad workout lower HR but tough on the legs!

Saturday, 17th feb

I had planned to do this run in about 3 hours… it toook me 3:08 last time. To the top with 5 loops in the deep snow…. it took me 3:38. Very hard workout, every step felt like I was on the beach running in sand, just a little cooler. 17-02.jpg

Sunday, 18th feb

2:19 on the mountain in the sno. 13 miles… or thereabouts … a good weekend

Monday, 19th feb

day off, nada tired legs…

Tuesday 20th feb

a couple of hour on the mountain in the evening with headlamps & Stephane: cold & probably a little faster than usua… about 11 miles 1:45ish

Wednesday, 21st feb


Thursday, 22nd feb

1o steady miles on the TM 1:14… no problems felt good

Saturday, 24th feb

up & down the mountain (from home) and three loops in crap conditions 2:35 about 15.5 miles arghh!

25th…. think i went skiing, not 100% sure, but it was around here that I started to feel a little tightness and dull ache in my left achilles tendon.

26th nothing

Tuesday 27th feb

12 miles on the TM, steady pace 1:31:01… seem to rememeber some pain in my right ankle/achille

28th feb Nothing. Total for the month 173,5 miles 27hrs 46mins 20 secs …. an ok month at last!

Friday, 1st march

6,3 miles on a bad hotel TM

Saturday 2nd march

6,3 miles on the same bad TM…. big snowstorm outside, stuck in QC for a show

Sunday, 3rd march

about 12 miles in the new snow… 1:57 slow and tough! did I feel my ankle?

4th through 9th nothing …. all sorts of work & excuses, tired & lacking motivation…. ankle just a tad stiff!

Saturday 9th march

skied Sutton with Tom. Hard. Fresh snow… then a little rain, very hard day’s skiing…. I can’t catch him any more. This is his sport. Totally destryed my quads and mashed my right achilles a bit!! great days skiing!!

Sunday, 10th march

2nd part of the mixed brick…. 23 miles or there abouts … 4hours 20-something minutes in cold wet snow….. nice workout!


march 12-15th took a few extra days to let the legs get over the weekend, totally tired and stiff with a swollen right ankle (3/10 pain)…should do the trick???

Friday 16th march

8 steady mile on the TM 1:00 ankle still 20% swollen

Saturday 17th march

about 18 miles on the mountain in the snow … nice run with Roly/Stephane 3:25

Sunday 18th march

12 steady miles on the TM 1:38 ankle complaining

thursday 22nd physio: swelling in achilles, build up of scar tissue = rest/ice/etc…. nothing that serious

Friday 23rd march

6 miles of hills on the (deluxe intercontinental boston, yeah right) TM, ankles stilla little sore….

Monday 25th march

more Physio…. much improvement, almost zero swelling and no pain….. until the PT had finished with me!

tuesday 26th……. it’s worth mentioning that feb was an ok Month for milage, march not so good but even then I’m getting 1-1,5 hrs of walking perday with gomez… so I dont feel too guilty, any way i think I’ll be back in the game by the weekend!


3 responses to “a new page… vt100

  1. back on track, good for you..enjoy.

  2. Your gonna have to set up a page for your Pacer in training. I’m just afraid that after you’ve run 100 miles and me 30+. You will probable look better off at the finish then I will.

  3. hey roly, I’ll make a page where you can post the pacer’s progress & comments….. it’ll be on the side somewhere I think

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