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don’t you just love a bargain ? well I just got me one…..

I confess ….I’ve been eyeing the zoom lenses for a while, but I just couldn’t get my head around forking out another $400 on toys…. as there seems to be no end to the stuff I can consume… I am really not the rabid consumer that I might seem, in fact I sort of pride myself on being able to live very modestly if it ever were to come to it…. I believe I would still be happy… But that’s another post… anyway back to the lenses thing.

so after much drooling over the really expensive ones and hours of pawing over the users galleries on the Olympus site….. I decided I needed one of these olympus ZUIKO DIGITAL ED 40-150mm F4.0-5.6 then went shopping online to see how cheap it could be had for…. alas nothing much under $200…. then went to the sites of the local camera stores to see who stocked it…. Imagine my total glee to find the thing could be had for 99$ less than 5kms away!! Credit card out before this mirage of a bargain could evaporate….. and it was waiting to be picked up from the post office when I got home this afternoon…

so I stood at the back door and took a few snaps of the vegetation…. and of course the dawg…. and honestly I’m very impressed

so these were taken in the auto mode . .. . . .. ..  yeah I know I will get round to reading the manual and exploring my Olympus in a more exciting way but for the time being it’s better than the crap shots I used to take….

yesterday’s run…. posted today

I wish that I could grab some of the sensation that sometimes happens about three quarters of the way into a very tiny few of my better runs…. it is a state of euphoria, the “Oh be Joyfuls” that words don’t really do justice… Yesterday was one of those runs. Nothing extraordinary about the distance…. less than 20 kms, a particularly beautiful trail… the company of my dog, the sound of loons, the smell of fetid forest floor mingled with warm damp pine, the sensation of forcing your body up a hill to the point when your breath is not quite enough…. and your muscles have a sort warmth from the effort. Shoes full of mud and water, deer flies attacking the back of your head, legs scratched and bleeding from the wild raspberry canes…. all these sensations at once.. a massive sensory overload! I love it!!

I will be going back to St. Adolphe d’Howard and all this for a measly $5 …… they keep these trails beautifully, the skiing must be mind blowing. I should drag some of my mucky running friends along next time….Gomez on Vacation