the smell of wet dog…..

let it rain

let it rain

as I start this bit of bloggyness…. I am wondering if I should bother or maybe just go take a nap before supper…. it’s not so bad being on holiday, I guess. I would’ve like to have kept a better blog of the past week or so…. but when ever I was in the mood I got side-tracked or I didn’t have a connection that was worth anything. In fact I still don’t , so I won’t even bother trying to add some the soggy rain photos that almost came out well.

I wrote myself a list of things to tackle while I am on vacation and I have sort of managed to tackle a couple of them…

I have been challenged by the combination of  GTD and Entourage confused only farther by the good folks at RIM. Anyway, spent the first day of my vacation drinking tea, watching the rain and wrestling the list writing part of my life to the ground.

Also on the list of stuff to do is, to read the manual that came with my camera…. I need to know what all the buttons do… need to have control and I need to have the skills to get out of auto mode, but first I have to read the manuals. Talking of photos… got few fairly good shots of mushroom, rain and the dog…. the theme of this vacation. When I get near a real connection I’ll upload to flikr… promise.

What I did discover that is really noteworthy is that there is a huge network of cross country ski trails close to the place where we are staying and the conditions have been sublime (filthy, waterlogged, muddy, slippery and oh so wet)… so I got in a couple of good runs, nicely hilly, pretty technical… and did I mention muddy. I should have run today but we got involved taking care of some “contractual” problems… and then went car shopping as the Mrs is done with the Saab…. looks like she’s getting one of these….. maybe she’ll let me drive it sometimes…. nah I like my old diesel jeep that pongs of wet dog and sweaty runner….


One response to “the smell of wet dog…..

  1. there is really nothing to beat the smell of a wet dog in a jeep. . .. . . . . .

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