long time since I’ve run intervals on the TM….

I always try to kid myself that the workouts that feel the worst are the ones that are most valuable. Not every run can feel just right, some just feel awful… tonight’s (thursday) felt like arse. I know exactly what was wrong, a simple case of fatigue.. just not enough sleep lately. This was the first time in months that I have run intervals and instead of doing the smart thing and starting of with a few easy short 100m intervals… I go straight for the 1/4 milers with a fair pace in between instead of the smart easy recoveries… long story short: a mediocre result over the 8 miles…. spent the last two tricking myself into continuing when all I wanted to do was go stretch and sit in the sauna…. which was out of order anyway. Its behind me… moving right along.

So my daughter will kill me if she ever sees this but…. her grandmama has been suffering from Alzheimer’s disease for a few years now and it is starting to take away her once very keen mind. I must throw in here that I miss my my ex-mother-in-law… Anyway, my little girl is growing up into a very talented artist… and in order to never forget her grandmama she drew a grandfather clock mingled with Forget-Me-Not’s… which she then hand over to a ptretty good local tattoo artist…. et voila

P7222197So I had to ask her … what was the significance of three o clock….. three years was the amount of time the doctors have give her grandmama before her mind is wiped clean by the disease. So sad…. I loved this lady… and miss my contact with her.

So while I am writing this …. I should be figuring out some sort of plan on how to in shape for VT50…. just 63 days to go! I am now on vacation for couple of weeks… will catch up on some sleep, try and turn down the stress a little although there is one serious stress factor that can’t be ignored… Tomorrow some canoe, a nice long run, a swim for sure…. Now if mother nature would just play along, all would be peachy.


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