cheese burger & a beer…..

on the 18th of July 2007 my last entry in this blog was these 5 words….. and that really just about sums up where I was at that point… much has happened since, some dynamics have changed… again, but the fundamental addiction that wore out so many pairs of running shoes hasn’t changed. I am still doing it to excess!

So what happened? did he ever run the Vermont 100? …… Sure I did, I will dig out the thing I wrote after the race and post the details…. After that I just slide into a habit of beer & wine, loads of food, only running when the stars and the moon aligned… or when the mood grabbed me… Not always a bad thing and it gave me a chance to focus elsewhere.

I moved houses, I broke a small bone in my back, I put on 20lbs…. and then in September last year the lights came back on…. and I went in search of my mislaid Mojo… 2 years later I believe I have found it.

50 yards to the finish line....

50 yards to the finish line....


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  1. Oh !!! just oh…

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