Wow…. it’s been forever….. long overdue….just in time …. pre-VT100 entry

… not really sure where to start at all, it seems so long… and I guess one gets out of practice at this blog stuff… sort of lost the habit, if not the urge.
First up… musically I’m toast! the playlist at the top of the page is now the stuff that drives me nuts….This VT100 training, combined with my lack of inspiration with my ipod playlists has had me listening to the same stuff for anything up to 8 hours at a time…. gimme brahms/anythingtrance/rap/jazz ….. anything new! anything that ain’t on my hard drive….. even dance!
Injuries….. 9 days out = none. With the risk of putting the mockers on the whole thing I’m not sure I’ve been this injury free going into an event….. WTF!! almost feel guilty!! went through some reffered lumber pain … ie pain in the butt, some ankle worries, some shin stuff…. but it all seems to gone!
Condition…. prolly about 4-6lbs heavier than when I was aiming at marathons… so that’s all good too… I guess, although sometimes I prefer being lighter.
How’s the training going?….. I don’t ever remember an event that I went in to feeling that I had done anywhere near enough… yet I survived. This time is no different…. although I’m not feeling too unprepared, which might be somewhat of a worry in itself….. am I worrying about not worrying…. c’mon “panic with me” ….. For Christ’s Sake!…
The last really long run/test of mettle was the Pittsfield Bash.…. and just finishing will probably give me the reference point that’ll draw on… a hard race… yet I finished with something left… well at least it felt like it.
Where am I emotionally about this thing? hard to say……. I find myself not talking about it too much unless I think they “might understand”… but they don’t so it’s become very personal… almost deep, since when did I do deep ……. not sure what I’ll do with a DNF…. haven’t found a space for that yet! I’m amazed that I’ve got to the point where I might even consider trying to cover 100 Miles in one sitting….. this is not supposed to be me…. really it’s not!!

Where’s Gomez…
Treo 051107 008


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