Monthly Archives: May 2007

don’t try this in Ottawa!

So we’re in Mexico City airport with a few hours to kill between connections so…. grab a cab and head for the old part of the city, get lunch & have a nose around for a while. Sounds like a plan! What didn’t know was there was a couple of hundred mexican farmers protesting againt the xpropriation of their land and the corrupt de-nationalization of industry. In true Mexican fiesta style they really caught everyone’s attention by doing it naked outside the senate.The fountain outside the Palazio del Bellas Artes was full of naked farmer’s wives…. not a pretty sight! Nice tans but a tad too much flesh for my taste. Fox reported this. The nun with blue habit wasn’t phased in the slightest ….. looked like she was on a mission to me! Couldn’t resist the Kodak moment…

Lunch was superb, Mexico City was smoggy and incredbly busy…. bodies everywhere. Noisey and very alive!

Our flight was very uneventful…. So no run on Saturaday… and the late night and general lack of steam today stole my planned workout today…. I’ll get up a reasonable time tomorrow and deal with some hot hills.


if you’re gonna be dumb… you gotta be tough

I hate country music…. but I think I just found my entry level artist: Roger Alan Wade…. a class act!! can somebody teach me to line dance? …..