…. but doing it wrong would be more the norm, I guess….cheers!

ho humm….. how many times have I complained on my little piece of the www that “life gets in the way”. Again, that’s the case. I should be working as we speak but in fact I am staring out the window of my office and lamenting the fact that I am falling behind on what started out as a fairly good game plan, got slowed down by the achilles thing and the the out-of-town work factor kicked in.

My particular industry just loves to party. Entertaining is an artform… and in fact our bread & butter, and we’re good at it! However for the past few years I have made a point of dodging all late nights, any excess and have a reputation for my boring/clean living lifestyle. This past weeks trip to Halifax has put that one to rest. Not that I went totally overboard as is the norm, but I did cut loose a couple of times, stayed up late, discovered Propellor Extra Special Bitter and missed a bunch of  training.

pint.jpgAnd…. as normal I can rationalise anything. I had felt a bit of a twinge of ache deep in my right glute… and self-diagnosed it as some sort of periformis thing…. the rest seems to have done the trick ………it’s all but disappeared. Q. have I found the cure for Periformis Syndrome?……. Cheers!


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