Monthly Archives: April 2007

….. living for the weekend, mostly!

Friday evening and I’ve still go a pile of work a waitin’ and a “to do” list as long as your arm…. but waitin’ is what they’s gonna do! it’ll be Monday soon enough. Seem like forever since I’ve had a vacation…. never seem to get all my training in….. never seem to clear my desk of even the important stuff, never mind the small stuff that I’m not supposed to be sweating. So we’ll turn up the Goo Goo Dolls, dance around a bit and then go out for supper.

So where are we on the VT 100 training ? I hear you ask. We’ll we had a great weekend last week we manage d to get in a fairly good brick of 4:20 on saturday covering about 22 miles & then another 2 :15 on sunday at at a slightly faster pace for about 12 miles. Absulutely no problems and fininshed feeling pretty fresh….. lots of dog walking and a reasonable amount of sleep. Monday was a rest day and tuesday I went to the fizzio. Well at the fizzio I was pulled & pushed and stretched and pummeled and left feeling the need to take another day off….. wednesday came and went and Thursday was just one of those work encrusted days that never ended with another visit to the fizzio just for good measure. Cut a long story short didn’t get to run until this morning and then only for half an hour. I’m trying not to get too frustrated with this training which just hasn’t had any real rythym since march… or was it february. Ho Humm.

Anyway as I said at the top it’s the weekend ad I’m looking forward to a couple of good solid long runs and a couple of nice meals and maybe even a nap in the afternoon.

Fast forward to Sturday evening and I now have a little free time to finish this and maybe indulge in some serious time wasting before I get an early night.

Last night’s restaurant “Pintxo” was truely sublime, one of the nicest meals I’ve had in a long while….. wonderful people, great flavours & a superb atmosphere. My warped sense of humour was reminded of Anthony Hopkins as I ate my tiny foie gras with lentils and sipped a very subtle Rioja.

So this morning’s run was a great success, pretty much the same as last weeks 4 + hours but with what seemed like a lot less effort, which was suprising given the late night and the 4 1/2 hours sleep… We’ll see how tomorrow’s  scheduled 5 hours goes. On the whole I’m feeling pretty positive about my condition as I get closer to July’s event…. famous last words


…. but doing it wrong would be more the norm, I guess….cheers!

ho humm….. how many times have I complained on my little piece of the www that “life gets in the way”. Again, that’s the case. I should be working as we speak but in fact I am staring out the window of my office and lamenting the fact that I am falling behind on what started out as a fairly good game plan, got slowed down by the achilles thing and the the out-of-town work factor kicked in.

My particular industry just loves to party. Entertaining is an artform… and in fact our bread & butter, and we’re good at it! However for the past few years I have made a point of dodging all late nights, any excess and have a reputation for my boring/clean living lifestyle. This past weeks trip to Halifax has put that one to rest. Not that I went totally overboard as is the norm, but I did cut loose a couple of times, stayed up late, discovered Propellor Extra Special Bitter and missed a bunch of  training.

pint.jpgAnd…. as normal I can rationalise anything. I had felt a bit of a twinge of ache deep in my right glute… and self-diagnosed it as some sort of periformis thing…. the rest seems to have done the trick ………it’s all but disappeared. Q. have I found the cure for Periformis Syndrome?……. Cheers!