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Mont-Royal in the Snow… makes you feel truly hard core

Wow what an amazing weekend of running in fresh powder! There is absolutely nothing like it… well maybe that soft sandy beach at sunrise in Mazanillo, Mexico. I had a bit of a wimpy running week in that I went to the gym once for the intervals thing and watched an episode of “Dead like Me” from the comfort of the eliptical trainer…. and that was it! Well I made up for it with about 18 mile yesterday and about 12.5 today, all on the trails in deep snow which adds about 30% effort to the workout… IMHO anyway. If I was smart I would have dug out my gaiters that I used to use when I was into cross-country skiing, but that would be too smart. And anyway I sort of like the look on people’s faces as you appear from a gap in the bushes on to the regular trail covered in snow from the waist down. They sort of cringe and look at me as if I’m demented.

And today I actually remembered to take the camera… and then the batteries…. but here’s a few photos…..




on a totally different note, I was chatting with my Dad this morning about the fact that I’ve sent the application for the VT100…. and he very nonchalantly says, “oh, I did one of them once, …..on a bike of course” so it comes to pass that as a young man he rode in a 100 mile road race… and did pretty well at that! “four hours & fifty something minutes” he claims! and I would be inclined to believe the God-fearing retired bank manager. I had to ask how old he was at the time… a mere 18 or 19! Now if he’s 77 now… born in 1931, one has to wonder what the bikes were like in 1949 post war London. Pretty basic & probably just a little heavier than today. So maybe I got my Dad’s legs !! shame I didn’t get his brains


A cold Sunday afternoon on the sofa with my mac, thinking about “THE QUESTION”

Well it seems like forever since I wrote here, although I’ve been pretty good logging the VT100 page which is where I’m keeping the details. I’ve installed a “widget” on my mac that keeps a countdown until the start of the race, and as I type this it tells me I have 165 day, 11 hours and 25 minutes to go until the start of the race…. a handy tool to remind what the goal is.

I had a few days last week where if I had put my mind to it and if I hadn’t been such a wimp I could’ve got out the door to run…. but the weathers bad, but I’m tired, but I’ve just eaten, but I’ve got work to do…. blahblahblah….. the list of excuses is endless, there is always a very good valid reason not to get out there and do it …but I just have to ignore the logical route to the sofa/tv/computer/fridge. Anyway, it was one of those evenings when I had resigned myself to missing yet another workout (excuse #1: work related) and I wasn’t to chuffed with myself for being such a wimp …. and a some point the question popped into my little head…. “How much do you want it?” It being the race. From then on the train of thought went along the lines of “Why?” and “If you want it that much, why don’t you just put your sneakers on and get out there?” ……. but at that moment it was passed my bedtime and I needed the sleep…. which is also a big part of the training process, he rationalised. Anyway, I have spent the last few days asking myself how much do I want it, and coming to the conclusion… enough to work around the obstacles that get in way of training.

So as I was running yesterday, “the question” was still wandering around under my touque and I started to apply the same logic/test to a few of the other areas of my life that are also prone to the procrastination virus. It was surprising how few stood up to the question as well as the running did. Work for example, didn’t fare so well. The rewards didn’t seem to warrant the stuff that one has to give up… conclusion: keep some balance, don’t let it take over. Family, Gomez, Mexico all fared well….. just the work seemed out of whack! Note to self: work less run more

I should find a Gomez photo to stick in here……


so my puppy is turning into the most wonderful companion, not just for me but for the whole family. With no formal training he seemed to have mastered all the basics and is really no bother at all. Without a doubt the easiest dog ever!

….. and lastly, I would like to nominate Samual L. Jackson for an Oscar for this line….