finally I get to run…..

It’s friday evening again and I’m home alone… well me & gomez that is…. listening to radioparadise sitting on the big fat sofa in my flannel pj’s & all in the world is alright with me, gomez thinks otherwise because he can’t get on this sofa…. “a dog’s life indeed!” says he.
So, finally I got to go for a bit of a run, about 6,35miles round the block at a nice steady pace 50:50 which is a couple of minutes slower than I would usually do this but I didn’t feel any urgency just a beautiful clear cool evening with my ipod….
For some reason I felt the urge to invite all my running pals over supper tomorrow… that’ll be fun. I think I’ll get up early and hit Jean-Talon Market and indulge in a few of my favourite foods…. after I’ve been for a run of course. No danger of sleeping in these days gomez gets me out of bed about 4:30am which makes for a long day but sleep is over-rarted if you ask me….. anyway if the folk weren’t coming over tomorrow I would probably have gone to the movies, well sort of anyway. There is a free screening of “The Vice Guide To Travel” at some film festival in town and the subject matter sort of appealed…. a DVD documentary on the last places on the planet you’d want to go to…. now where’s that puppy I’m sure his up to no good…. I fear for my sneakers!


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