A very, very tough zero milage week….. didn’t run an inch

It’s now tuesday night and I started writing this last friday, the weekend came and went and nothing got done and my my sneakers just sort of sneered at me every time I passed them… any way this post is a bit upside down

….. so finally it’s Friday and it’s a long time since I’ve felt so drained purely from work, well…..it was probably this time last year… it’s always the same, I shouldn’t winge & whine …. and I wouldn’t, only it seriously gets in the way of the important things. I didn’t get to see my kids all week and when I finally did… I’m just all wound up from dealing with other peoples crap and probably not the dad I like to be…. Ho Humm!
So tomorrow’s the day Gomez comes home…. I’m so excited, it’s like being a kid all over again, which probably happens more frequently with me than most old geezers.. and i’m OK with that. It’s going to be a little strange having a dog around again it’s been about 7 years since Charlotte my Golden Retriever was donated to a buddy of mine….. the ex who wasn’t the ex at that point, announced one day ” either that effin dog goes or I do!” ….. I wish I’d kept the dog! …. I wonder if she reads this and if she does I hope she realizes that if she had’ve left me with the dog… life might have been a little smoother a little sooner.
….And so for the running or lack thereof…. just wasn’t any time anywhere in the week that I could’ve squeezed some in, so 5 days rest should do me some good although all those un-burnt calories feel a bit stodgy around the middle guess I’ll find some time, this weekend ….although I fear I won’t get any serious distance/time, what with the new arrival and all!….. We’ll take it as it comes and look forward to the following weekend….

And Gomez has now been here for 3 days and has pretty much got the hang of the basic things… food/sleep/walkies. And if there is any one thing that stands out it is the speed with which he understands what’s going on… he’s making the smart golden retriever look like a dumb blond… and she was no thickie. Anyway he’s adorable and now keeps me company as I go about my business. I will take a gazillion photos just as soon as I get a bit better organised. Promise.

On the running front, I totally wrote off last week’s training to work/gomez, and the begininng of this week for that matter and I’m Ok with that. i now understand that nothing is really lost in just one week and that sometimes the rest will freshen up my mind as much as the old corpse, making it all new again. But man am I ever looking forward to a clear, bright & cold 4 hour workout that takes my battery all the way down to zero and leaves my legs in that mushy spent state that make soaking in a hot bath feel like heaven… is it the weekend yet? Talking of which, it’s going to be strange…. I will be alone with just gomez. The kids are with the ex’s and and K is away on business for a week…. hmmmm I could get into all sorts of mischief


2 responses to “A very, very tough zero milage week….. didn’t run an inch

  1. you, mischief ?! never.

  2. You are hilarious … wish I had the pining for one of those workouts that you’re talking about. Also wish I could eat anything I wanted and never feel thick in the middle … guess I will have to get back to training, huh?

    What! More food this weekend?!

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