pining for mexico…..

Donkey 9X6

So Sunday workout was an easy hour with some friends up & down Mont-Royal [cool/light rain] followed by pushing harder and sneaking off into the woods for another 1:10…. probably covered about 15 miles which made for a fairly good weekend, compensating for a frustrating [work] sort of week. Total for the week about 50 miles tues/sat/sun…. all in the rain.
So Sunday afternoon was spent surfing the net and dreaming of races in warmer parts…. came across these two donkeys on the side of the Copper Canyon, mexico…. and have now chosen this as my lifetime goal race….. sounds like a plan! Now just have to work out the details.

…… Monday, Arghh!! won’t get to run until wednesday….. if I’m lucky. Merde!!!


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