so much for my trying to stick to a schedule….

Last weeks training was pretty good, work behaved and didn’t interfere. Not so this week though. Tuesdays run in Ottawa was pretty satisfying and I had planned to do the recovery thing on wednesday but by the time I got on top of the other stuff it was bedtime and I just didn’t have any energy left. Thursday evening had a client opening a new store so that was Thursday’s run postponed… to Friday. I had planned to run Friday afternoon but work got in the way… and last night we went to see the Hip ….. and no, the Kids dont get it! Great concert in a great intimate venue…. my old ears buzzed for the rest of the evening. I love rock concerts, the smell of weed, sweaty bodies and fainting girls. Man I hate to get old!! … but hang on a minute Gord Downie’s gotta be my age… nearly. They’ve been on the road since the late eighties!…. so if he started at say 25…
Back to the running thing…. So today’s weather was nothing less than foul. Rain, torrential at times. Cold and windy. I hung around hoping it would get better,but it never does… I just get more comfortable! On my way up the step hill that leads to the mountain I noticed a mum & daughter [little pink raincoat & pink brolly] out planting bulbs for the spring… in the pissing rain! oh to be five years old…. she’s going to be checking out the window all winter and in the spring she’ll be so excited….. An uplifting thought…. at the mountain I detoured past the abandoned ski lift on the other side of Mont-Royal behind the CEPSUM ond then through the cemetery and wondered what the crowds were doing out on such a miserable day… Then I noticed the TV trucks and remembered it was Remembrance Day…. how disrespectful of me, being so happy as i ran pas all the black umbrellas.
Anyway, I ended up running around the top a couple of times, and then tried to retrace my route home… got a little lost in the cemetery, but thats OK too… wondered where all these folk came from originally as the headstones are all arranged by race…. the St. Andrews Society has a stone lamenting that all these poor dead Scotsmen are so far away from their native moors & glens….. oh pahleeeze
Total time about 3:10 and as I was trying to keep warm I probably covered about 19 miles….. got home to a huge mug of tea, a hot bath and a humungus bacon sandwich

Bacon Sandwich

I have no problem justifying the calories…. and yes I reckon my heart/arteries can stand it…… On the subject of health: an acquaintance [nodding terms/chat at golf tournaments sort of acquaintance] passed away from liver cancer on Tuesday…… he didn’t even know he was ill. Just felt like total shit, went to ER and never came out…. I dedicate my bacon sandwich to Gaetan



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