…. a dreary evening in Ottawa, aren’t they all?

I’ve been coming to Ottawa every few weeks on and off for many years, and I don’t understand why anyone would live here…. it’s only saving feature is the Rideau Canal. Talking of which…. I decided I would go for a nice easy run for an hour or so before dinner…. cut along story short: I got lost after I decided to extend my run to an hour and a half. I deviated off into the “Experimental Farm” which was dark and spooky….. it started to rain, I missed a couple of turns on the way back… next thing I know I’m in a C-store asking directions. The eastern european dude behind the counter, looked me up and down….. tights & touque and then gave me directions as if I was driving… idiot! Anyway, I eventually found my way back to the hotel…. 2:30 Man was I thirsty/hungry/tired… but not a bad workout for a tuesday night!
Probably this was the run I needed, cleared my head of work… enjoyed the tunes on my shuffle…. I would share my playlist but my itunes/iphoto aren’t working and neither is my cd drive is dead and I’m waiting for a new one to arrive, I guess my little old Powerbook is getting old and bits are starting to fail….. Hmmmm machine


4 responses to “…. a dreary evening in Ottawa, aren’t they all?

  1. Yep, Ottwa isn’t very exciting. Great skating on the Rideau, some nice food down in the market, Elephant & Castle (if its still there) thats about it.

  2. You know you’ll never get in a good run on the mountain now. All the girls will be stopping you to pet the cute little doggy.

  3. roly….I don’t mind if you’re right….

  4. Oh for God’s sake, get a grip both of you…you ain’t spring chickens anymore, cute puppy or not…. 😉

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