no hangovers here…. but is Sea-Bass addictive?

one thing I really appreciate about my 10 years of pretty much 100% abstinence from alcohol is the lack of hangovers! I got into a conversation with some friends of about the same age/background as myself at about 2 in the morning, at a party on Friday night. We discussed which drinks worked best, how much H2O to consume, food, sleep and came to the conclusion that was no way round it! At 40-something if you drink anything more than a few beers/glasses of wine you will get a hangover to some degree and you will not perform quite as well the next day.
So while everyone else is doing the Cosmo’s & Chardonnay…… yours truly got into some serious finger food…. Holy shit, Chilean Sea Bass on toast, best get me some of that before the world runs out! Filet mignon on sticks, warm bite sized bits of tuna, blood oranges soaked in honey…. and an 8 foot selection of cheese! Total piggery! it was wonderful! not one waiter’s tray passed without me snagging a sample. Was this at all wise, having already overeaten at dinner about an hour before the party? …. like I care? it just tasted too frickin’ good for me to care.


So Saturday’s run on the mountain was more or less as per the schedule, albeit a little shorter. The weather here in Montreal at this time of year can be just perfect for running on the trails, cool & crisp….. the tricky bit is the footing. Wet & slippery with all the obstacles covered with leaves…. just forces you to pay attention. So in about 2:10 we covered about 14 miles which brings the weeks total to about 43 miles, I have it in my head that if I do 40-50 miles a week through the winter [with the right amount of cut-back weeks] I’ll be in fair condition to start my approach to July’s target. Sounds like plan?


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