better habits, winter routine kicks in…. and do Scotsmen jog?

hmmm…. again it’s been awhile since I blogged and it isn’t from lack of subject matter…. nothing really that exciting, the usual day to day pedestrian crud, and that’s OK, pedestrian can be OK sometimes. Training after my Vermont 50 this year just sort of flopped into an “easy run what/when you feel like it sort of no-routine” routine, which was OK too, for about a month. But after a while I start to need some structure and a target. I ran mostly on the mountain, rarely anything less than 10 miles and never fast. Autumn was really nice this year, or maybe it was just me…. Mtb’ed a bit too, it’s all good. TV seemed to take up more space than usual, work seemed to get more needy/stressy….. and at then little stuff starts to get on my tits, my mood starts to spike a bit and I don’t like myself when I get too curmudgeonly…… so I wrote a plan. Nothing Pfitzinger/Daniels, just a loose series that includes some intervals, some bricks, some longish mid-week runs and the run that I never do …. recovery. I can always find something else, burningly important to do.
This is week one and I’m pretty happy with the result given the low/inconsistant milage I’ve put in of late.

the thumbnails should expand…..


sunday: 2 hours, about 14 miles on the mountain/road
monday: feet up watching Prison Break


tuesday: treadmill at the gym. * miles w/ 8 x ,25 intervals. 53:12, 7:02 pace
with no aches or pains. Seems like I lost a little cardio as my HR is about 10
BPM above where we usually are… to be watched.
wednesday 5:30 am recovery run [i’m impressed!] about 4,5 miles, easy pace.


thursday 5:30 pm 6,35 miles easy pace

So I’m planning to take tomorrow off unless I get the urge, or I feel the need to go hide…… Saturday, rain or shine Tom & Gabriel want to go Mtbing and I’ll be on foot…. on the mountain with the boys it’ll be nice and slow and I’ll get the second run on Sunday….. all things being equal.

Musically, I have a Glaswegian group that are reminding me that I like mandolin….. sort of roots/crude unpolished…Sons & Daughters good solid jogging music…. do Scotsmen jog ? do watch the vid of Johnny Cash and do have a little dance about your cubicle….. and have yourself an awesome day.


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