two posts in one day…. a first, I think

So the other news of this week was the birth of 9 absolutely perfect little Portuguese Water Dogs. 4 males & 5 females…. some wavy some curly all beautiful. I am third on the list of choice, after the breeder and one other.
Chiots Nés 14-9-06 003

All things being equal, I get to bring my new running partner home at the beginning of November…… I can’t wait. I can almost smell that wet puppy smell from here… I feel like a big kid, priceless!!

On the subject of running: the taper continues. 8 days until race day….. it’s upon me again but nowhere near as scary as the first time, but that’s true of any distance….. I just came in from the most perfect couple of hours on Mont-Royal in the autumn sunshine, I ran to the mountain this morning which adds about 50 minutes to my workout and although I really don’t care for this added asphalt element the distance felt about right. +/- 14 miles
I can happily report that the legs feel strong & pain-free. I confess to having not modified my diet to balance with the drop in milage…. and last night’s Thai-fest left me feeling just a squeak heavy & bloated. Ah well… what’s a boy to do.


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