feeling useless….

So here I am clicking around on my little old mac with my headphones on listening to an old instrumental album by Bruce Cockburn trying not to wake anybody up on a misty Saturday morning, enjoying tea and indulging in my stuff. When I came across the above link. You clicked on it, right? What did you feel? does somebody else words ever stop you in your tracks? just like that? Do we really care about politics? the word simply moves us on to the next subject… we really should be paying more attention and voicing an opinion. Otherwise we might as well just toss the keys to the NRA. This is where the problem lies, with you and I. We do nothing, zero. We just whine about our politicians and feel very sad for the families of the victims all the while allowing these people and the legal system as it stands to put death in our schools. And the US is oh so far away…. yeah right?
This was the week that Dawson College became more than just a Montreal school. Kimveer Gill will get his name remembered. A sad day, a sad sick young man. I prefer not speculate on the young mans mental health or how society, the community or his family failed him, and us prior to this weeks incident but I do feel that I have a responsibility to my family to write to the Minister of Justice [serving on committees for Domestic Affairs; Canada-U.S; and Security, Public Health and Emergencies I’m not quite sure what I’ll write but I’ll think of something. It’s probably worth mentioning the fact that the Rt. Honourable Irwin represents TMR our riding….. but I sure as hell didn’t put him there! You know, if we all started voting with our conscience something might just happen….. And if I haven’t totally bored you to death with my view of the world of politics as seen from my sofa, then you must waste another hour on the Larouche movement. Bush & Cheney have no right to be in office.


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