… a few odds & sods worth mentioning

So last night’s movie rental is well worth a mention. Following is low budget, noir-type film with a beautifully warped ending. Same director as Momento which I’ve yet to see.
Tonight’s ride on the mountain is also mention-worthy…. broke in my new bike on the mountain with Tom, only wiped out a couple of times. It seems lighter than my stolen Divinci, I love the disk brakes and the full suspension seems to make the steep climbs more do-able. There an adjustment that needs to be made on the gears as I lost my chain a couple of times.
I should have been running I guess….. I had scheduled to get up early and go to the mountain but it was one of those rare pull up the blankets, ignore the clock and go back to sleep sort of mornings. Happens sometimes. Yesterdays run was OK, while Tom played football I ran around Ile Bizard, about 18 kms at a nice steady 8:10 ish pace. Friday night I just ran my usual 6,5 miles around the block. Not a huge week for the milage, but that’s OK with me as I can’t see that any more hard fibre breaking workouts will add anything for the VT50 … call it taper I guess.
Today I spoke with the Portuguese Water Dog breeder to get an update on the pregnant mother of my new running partner…. pictured below pre-siring…


the puppies are due next weekend and according to a radiography…..[ yes they will do it for dogs too!] she has at least 8 little ones…. I can’t wait I’m so excited.


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