nothing really that blog-worthy….. ho humm

So it was one of those nothing days. My mood has been ambivalent…. or just not into it, but I suspect the culprit is my Cuisinart coffee grinder which suddenly ceased to function two days ago….. no caffeine for two whole days has a really unsettling effect when you’ve been used to at least 6 x 10 ounces per day for at least 25 years…. well never less than four cups a day. Tea just isn’t cutting it, even the really thick dark brown stuff that sticks to the side of your mug,not to mention your teeth. But alas,I caved in and bought some ground stuff at Provigo….. back to normal in the morning. Meanwhile the grinder is under warranty and will be back [or replaced within 2 weeks]….. man it must be a slow day in my world if I can sit on the sofa and waffle on about my coffee grinder…. I know I should be doing something productive.
So I was supposed to run a little this evening but , well given my blah sort of mood I needed no more excuse, other than Matthew to not do it…. we took our new bikes down to the new ice-cream emporium at the end of the street…. I’ll maybe go tomorrow….. and then run early Saturday & Sunday…… and then start my taper for Vermont50 for real.

Tommy has a football[handball] game this weekend and then I’ll definitely be taking my new toy up a mountain…

I had no intention of buying a new bike a couple of weeks ago when we went to get Matthew his 11th birthday gift….. but you know how it is when you spot a bargain….. I was going to replace my stolen DiVinci Cactus in the spring, but all the best deals are at the end of the season, right?…. I’m not sure about the full suspension, having allows ridden a hardtail, but I ‘m sure this’ll be a fun bike…..


One response to “nothing really that blog-worthy….. ho humm

  1. Beautiful bike, the blahs will go away once you get this new purchase on the hill…won’t be as purdy though afterwards..df

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