Where were we …. on the training front?

So it’s just 20 days until the next event……Vermont 50 miler ….. I still have such vivid memories of last year. The smell of autumn, FrouFrou playing on the way down and the total thrill of a new distance, going into an unknown place in my little head. I had no real clue as to how intoxicating 9 hours & 27 minutes could be. This time will be a little different. I’m almost into the idea of bad weather, tougher conditions…. just to take it up a notch. However if I get the perfect conditions we had last year I’ll be very happy too.
So where’s the training? Jay took a full week of recovery and I’ve put in about 40 miles a week of up and down Mont-Royal with a few bouts of speed and long runs up to 22 miles…. bricked with a couple of hours the next day. I don’t know that I’m in the shape I was at this point last year. I still feel my ankle from time to time if I land badly and the shin will groan just under the knee from time to time without real reason…. not sure what that’s about but it’s really nothing that’s going to worry me, I figure it’ll settle down eventually.
I’ve got a new local mountain to run up and down, Mont St-Hilaire …… Roly the CR running dude is almost injury free so we got there at about 7:45 am Saturday am and ran up and down the “Rocky” trail a bunch of time…… a really nice trail and I will bring a camera next time, the view of Montreal and the south shore at the top is pretty spectacular.
Saturday night was spent with some friends at their home in Magog…… Sunday I managed about an hour and a half of Eastern townships rolling hills in the pouring rain. My legs were far from fresh but didn’t seemed too bothered and today, Monday they feel just a bit weary but apart from that they’re fine.

So yesterday afternoon while the jarrets d’agneau were bubbling away in the oven, Renée, my hostess took me for a wander through the woods to hunt some chanterelles which are doing really well this year due to the abundance of rain….. There were all sorts of wonderful looking fungus, toadstalls and mushrooms but it was the chanterelles that we were after. They stand out on the floor of the woods with their delicate eggy yellow colour, et voila!! God only know what these beauties would cost at the Atwater market…. if you could get them

Just as soon as I get finished here I’ll be heading for the kitchen….. Grouper baked with ginger, leeks & a ton of chanterelles…… did someone mention food?


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