Trying to get back into my blog….. testing Ecto

OK, so it’s a rainy Monday afternoon, a holiday, no kids today and all obligations seem to be out of the way for the time being. It’s not that I don’t have the desire to do the blog thing it’s just my days aren’t long enough…. what with work, family and the never ending training I really never find a few minutes to put down the stuff that might be worth remembering or even sharing.
So I tripped over this software, Ecto…. as i was listening to a Podcast from and as I’ve neglected the blog thing for such a long time I thought I give it a whirl…. So far so good, seems easier than the actual wordpress thing and I don’t have to be online , which might inspire me to jot down stuff more often.

So with the regular WordPress interface one can’t just drag and drop…… let try with a photo a chocolate dessert….
Float Choc Desert Plate.Jpg Jpg-1

well, that works well….. I can just double-click and mess around with the size, format and a whole bunch or other stuff that’s over my head….. now I hit publish and see what happens…. bingo!!


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