Tuesday: Hostage luggage released, no ransom to pay!

So it’s 7:30 in the morning everyone else is asleep, I’m drinking very strong bitter coffee, the sun has just come up to reveal a cloudy, blue-grey sky with the occasional dull flash of lightning way off in the distance. Well, it is rainy season, almost anyway, and today we might just get some.
There is only one spot in the condo where I can catch the office’s wifi connection, it’s right next to our bed and K needs the sleep so I’m back to thumb typing ….. I’ll cut & paste later. I had blogged a bit of my frustration with Delta yesterday but the internet was a bit flakey so I didn’t get to post it I’ll stick that up too. Photos too, if I can get my act together.
By yesterday I had decided that I was going to run in my “gardening sneakers”, just a bit anyway to release the pressure that builds up very quickly when I don’t get my fix. It was a hill workout (aren’t they all?)It’s a bummer that I don’t have the bluetooth thing with me for speed/heartrate graph but I’m looking forward to seeing what my “hilly cobbles” run looks like on paper. I know what It feels like on my body. Very hard. The surface is probably the worst thing for a recovering stress fracture and I kid myself the constant unevenness of the cobbles is good workout for my dodgy right ankle. Anyways, once round took 37 minute and a couple of bags of ice. I now feel like a human being again.
When I got back the rest of the world was just getting up, breakfast…. and then “Juan the condo dude” called to tell us our our bags had arrived in town…. the other end of town that is….. down by the port….. I will go back to the “Estrella Blanca” office and take some photos as the whole thing was just too seedy for words. We laughed and got out of there as quickly as possible leaving behind the old lady and her squeaky fan in her 10 x 10 hole in the wall. We tried to imagine the possible scenarios of the less adventurous, comfort sensitive tourists if they had to find themselves in this place without a common language…. A class A nightmare! We’ll chalk this one up experience and laugh about it for years to come. Anyway the bags were sealed and in tact….. so we changed and went over to Barra de Navidad for the afternoon… man was it ever hot over there. It was one of those windless, slightly humid sort of days that gives everyone a wet shirt…. to a greater or lesser degree. It’s a little shocking to the non-mexican, non-runners to get your body temp up so high and loose so much fluid without pissing. My old “corpus delectus” thinks it’s par for the course, even cross-training, if you will. Bring it on.


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