Monday… still no bags. Delta lost baggage service is about as much use as a chocolate teapot


So it is now Monday night and we still don’t have our baggage. The first couple of day we could shrug off as “just one of those things/ shit happens” but everybody is beginning to get fed up with wearing the same 3 items and yours truly is turning into a total bear as it is now 5 days without a run as all my gear is in my suitcase…. well that’s not quite true, as today I jogged for a couple of kms to the “other” beach and then jogged back… for a huge total of 25 minutes. Slow you might think. It was noon, about 100 degrees blinding sunshine and about an average of 12% incline up & down…….. on huge ugly cobble stones in sneakers [yellow, version 1.0] that I retired a year ago and have been doing the gardening since! It was wonderful and left the locals shaking their heads in total disbelief. Exercise is not a Mexican thing. It’s not as though I’ve been without a workout, I’ve swam every day, but I just don’t get the same buzz from an hour of breaststroke in the ocean. I love the swimming, the salt of the ocean, the sun on my back……slight burn on the first day, so I invested in a surf shirt which the kids maintain “makes me look gay”….. But it just isn’t running…… so back to the luggage thing.
On Friday we were promised delivery on Saturday…. which came and went. On sunday I called Delta in 1-800land and lost it. There really is nothing these folk can do. They cannot make an overseas call they cannot contact anybody locally wherever you or your luggage might be. All they can do is simply pass on the useless information that they have on the screen in front of them or when really pushed hey can give you a phone number in Guadalahara….. but what if there is no response? Anyway after wasting god knows how many hours going round and round in ever decreasing circles we finally got a call from Delta Guadalajara [GDL] this morning teling us they had our bags and they would be sent to us today… we went to the beach, leaving instruction with Juan the condo dude who said he would follow it up, which he did. So Juan gets a call in the afternoon saying they we had to go back to GDL to pick them up from customs as there was duty to be paid, no shit! Then he gets another call saying that they had made a mistake and the bags would be on the 4 o clock bus to Manzanillo… arriving 8 pm. Yeah right. WTF…… how hard can it be to get 4 suitecases to the bus station? Needless to say they weren’t…. and I’m sitting in my one and only pair of shorts….. sweating and watching the lighting of a T-storm pass about 15 miles away on the other side of the main port of MZO…. enough for now I’m off to bed.


One response to “Monday… still no bags. Delta lost baggage service is about as much use as a chocolate teapot

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