seriously considering running barefoot for a couple of days…

…. finally we’re on vacation, and really the trip down was pretty easy. The kids…. all of them, are great travellers. We had to rent two small cars this time round as we are a gang of six and even if the mexicans are ok with cramming 27 “ninos” in the back of a nissan Tsuru, I just couldn’t imagine the insurance claim if anything were to happen… just take two cars. The drive down from Guadalajara was equally uneventful. The only screw up came courtesy of Delta who decided in their infinite wisdom that are suitcases were the ones to put on the next flight due to an excess of whatever…. that was on Thursday night we’re now Saturday and we still don’t have the cases…. For me and Tom things ain’t so tough…. you know: don’t shave, go commando and wear the one t-shirt with food on the front for another 3 days…. no problem. But for the girls it’s a little more challenging. Mastercard to the rescue…. guess what? we have this little insurance feature in our card that allows us to go get the essentials for survival [up to $500 per person wooohoo!] if our bags are delayed more than 6 hours…. argh! shopping…. and there really isn’t that much to buy down here!

Awesome weather, great food, beautiful ocean….. life is good even without the running. All we need now is for Delta to deliver on the promise of getting our bags here too!


Did I ever mention what a painfully slow reader I am? ….. books take forever. I guess I have to digest every word, sort of trying to get the maximum amount of juice out of the writers lemon… if you know what i mean. I’m good for about 3 books a year and the ones that really seem to stay in my mind are always autobiographies and are always stories of alternative life styles or extreme hardship…. What’s grommit’s pick as light holiday reading this year? Stuart, a life backwards.

Enough of this, I’m off for a swim.


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