Due for a vacation

Well Mondays I don’t run, although today I had a pretty strong urge however work got in the way. 10 am in Ottawa, it is now 10pm and I’m in Quebec city… just trying to get in everything before I leave on Thursday.

Saturday’s romp in the woods down at Jay left no real discomfort at any of the injury sites, and by this morning the legs felt just fine which is really encouraging as last weeks workouts left everything feeling beaten up… Ah ha! progress… which allows me to pick it up a little while I’m away on vacation….. sand, hills and temps in the upper 80’s…. bring it on!

So we’re happy with our condition going into Jay [just 5 weeks away] and things are now looking up for the Haliburton 100…. but I will wait until after jay to commit & sign up…

I’ve been reading the scarey reports of this years Western States 100…. makes me feel very humble. It’s all relative I guess


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