hot shower or cool mountain stream?….. make mine a stream!

happily Jay peak is just an hour and a half south of Montreal, and as I was home alone this wekend I got to go do the training run with a bunch of what I would consider hard-core types…. Bill the veteran [100 pb of 19:xx], Ernie, last years 3rd place Challenger, a couple of crazy "frenchies", an 18 year old dude who paces Bill, dan the rd….. Roly & me.

I can very honestly say that I have never run anything like this…. miles of river-running, bushwhacking up mountainsides, singletrails that weave through forests that haven't been cleared in years…. the only thing we didn't tackle was the climb/descent of the mountain… we'll save that for race day. I now understand why the actual distance of this race is such a mystery, the weather conditions [rainfall] really dictate the course….. the RD will decide just before the race where we're all going.

For this training run we covered a total of 5hrs 20mins, of which 4 or so hours were actually running the rest was hiking/bushwhacking … and getting a little lost in the woods, with the RD. A nice workout that produced no discomfort anywhere in particular…. except from the bites from the deer flies

We got really lucky with our campsite … secluded, quiet and the sound of the brook rushing by to send us to sleep. Bliss, however shampoo doesn't lather in such soft water!



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