yesterday was the strangest day….

which left me feeling very stupid and more than just a little vunerable. What happened? I missed an important client event by exactly 24 hours. Being the anal punctuality freak that I am, everything is very carefully added to the agenda and sync'd withe Treo… so what happens if you put it on the wrong day…… You arrive at the golf course Prize contribution in hand to find that they event came and went without you.

Anyway golf's a total yawn! Spent the day taking care of a few outstanding things and then went for a run in the woods on the mountain….. a near perfect afternoon, warm & sunny…. but alas the trails were crawling with folk/tourists. The legs felt stiff and the shin felt achey so after about 40 mins of run/walk I decided to just brisk-walk the rest…. and save my self for the weekend


slightly different format for the chart today: Blue = speed or lack thereof Brown = % of max heartrate

So here's a a shakey YouTube film [done with a cellphone prolly] of the tune that's playing non-stop on my ipod…


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