So where was I?


Can I start by sharing a few photos that I took this weekend on Mont-Royal? I ran both mornings for a total of a little over 5 hours covering about 30 miles on a pair of freshly healed legs…. total bliss. A little more humid/hotter than I can prefer but I'll take any conditions rather than an injury….


so apart from my dead hard drive there were a couple of other things that happened over the past month. Probably the most significant was my finding Julie the fizzio II. Julie the fizzio I, really didn't have much of a clue what to do with a repeat offender like me… except refer me to Julie II who new exactly what was needed…. some very clever strength exercises, a wobble board, cross training and above all listening to the pain caused by the ashpalt.


I had an x-ray done about three weeks ago which showed a grey showdow next to the tibia, which they tell me is the calous build up of the bone repairing itself…. Guess what? I can add running Boston on a stress fracture to the list of dumb shit I've done in my life… It's a wonder I even finished…. thank the lord for Advil.

I would like to publicly forgive the thief that stole my beloved Da Vinci Cactus…. the best bike I've ever owned. His/her karma will bless them with hemarroids at some point. Bummer is that I really can't afford a replacment for a while, and I could do with the cross training…. I had actually invested in this bike as a plan b after I was benched with stress fractures in 04…. ah well <<<<insert huge sigh here>>>>



2 responses to “So where was I?

  1. The view sure looks nicer without a grommit in the way

  2. feel free to pass at any moment!

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