Monthly Archives: June 2006

Due for a vacation

Well Mondays I don’t run, although today I had a pretty strong urge however work got in the way. 10 am in Ottawa, it is now 10pm and I’m in Quebec city… just trying to get in everything before I leave on Thursday.

Saturday’s romp in the woods down at Jay left no real discomfort at any of the injury sites, and by this morning the legs felt just fine which is really encouraging as last weeks workouts left everything feeling beaten up… Ah ha! progress… which allows me to pick it up a little while I’m away on vacation….. sand, hills and temps in the upper 80’s…. bring it on!

So we’re happy with our condition going into Jay [just 5 weeks away] and things are now looking up for the Haliburton 100…. but I will wait until after jay to commit & sign up…

I’ve been reading the scarey reports of this years Western States 100…. makes me feel very humble. It’s all relative I guess


hot shower or cool mountain stream?….. make mine a stream!

happily Jay peak is just an hour and a half south of Montreal, and as I was home alone this wekend I got to go do the training run with a bunch of what I would consider hard-core types…. Bill the veteran [100 pb of 19:xx], Ernie, last years 3rd place Challenger, a couple of crazy "frenchies", an 18 year old dude who paces Bill, dan the rd….. Roly & me.

I can very honestly say that I have never run anything like this…. miles of river-running, bushwhacking up mountainsides, singletrails that weave through forests that haven't been cleared in years…. the only thing we didn't tackle was the climb/descent of the mountain… we'll save that for race day. I now understand why the actual distance of this race is such a mystery, the weather conditions [rainfall] really dictate the course….. the RD will decide just before the race where we're all going.

For this training run we covered a total of 5hrs 20mins, of which 4 or so hours were actually running the rest was hiking/bushwhacking … and getting a little lost in the woods, with the RD. A nice workout that produced no discomfort anywhere in particular…. except from the bites from the deer flies

We got really lucky with our campsite … secluded, quiet and the sound of the brook rushing by to send us to sleep. Bliss, however shampoo doesn't lather in such soft water!


yesterday was the strangest day….

which left me feeling very stupid and more than just a little vunerable. What happened? I missed an important client event by exactly 24 hours. Being the anal punctuality freak that I am, everything is very carefully added to the agenda and sync'd withe Treo… so what happens if you put it on the wrong day…… You arrive at the golf course Prize contribution in hand to find that they event came and went without you.

Anyway golf's a total yawn! Spent the day taking care of a few outstanding things and then went for a run in the woods on the mountain….. a near perfect afternoon, warm & sunny…. but alas the trails were crawling with folk/tourists. The legs felt stiff and the shin felt achey so after about 40 mins of run/walk I decided to just brisk-walk the rest…. and save my self for the weekend


slightly different format for the chart today: Blue = speed or lack thereof Brown = % of max heartrate

So here's a a shakey YouTube film [done with a cellphone prolly] of the tune that's playing non-stop on my ipod…

A warm evening at the gym…

Mondays was, as always a day off. On Tuesday evening I felt the need to do the gym thing. Loads of stretching a few core exercises…. but after abot 2 miles on the treadmill my SF was make some noise so I switched to the stationary bike…. and pedaled for hour. Et voila … the pic that tells it all. nb. the little bumps in the hr are the hills in the bike's program.


Wasted half an hour discussing football[soccer] and politics with a couple of body-builders in the steambath, one from Iran and the other from El Salvador. This is something that I really appreciate about Montreal, an amazing mix of all sorts of cultures who live in wonderful harmony….

Now I'm off to play golf in the Chez Cora Golf tournament….. should be fun!

So where was I?


Can I start by sharing a few photos that I took this weekend on Mont-Royal? I ran both mornings for a total of a little over 5 hours covering about 30 miles on a pair of freshly healed legs…. total bliss. A little more humid/hotter than I can prefer but I'll take any conditions rather than an injury….


so apart from my dead hard drive there were a couple of other things that happened over the past month. Probably the most significant was my finding Julie the fizzio II. Julie the fizzio I, really didn't have much of a clue what to do with a repeat offender like me… except refer me to Julie II who new exactly what was needed…. some very clever strength exercises, a wobble board, cross training and above all listening to the pain caused by the ashpalt.


I had an x-ray done about three weeks ago which showed a grey showdow next to the tibia, which they tell me is the calous build up of the bone repairing itself…. Guess what? I can add running Boston on a stress fracture to the list of dumb shit I've done in my life… It's a wonder I even finished…. thank the lord for Advil.

I would like to publicly forgive the thief that stole my beloved Da Vinci Cactus…. the best bike I've ever owned. His/her karma will bless them with hemarroids at some point. Bummer is that I really can't afford a replacment for a while, and I could do with the cross training…. I had actually invested in this bike as a plan b after I was benched with stress fractures in 04…. ah well <<<<insert huge sigh here>>>>


I’ll take my hard-drive “over easy”…… I’ll be back at it soon

no shortage of material, much room for reflection and as always my humility [or lack there of] gets tested……. a mechanical failure is what the techie at the Mac store called it…. my 3 year old high milage 12" powerbook froze and was beyond resusitation …. until a new hard drive was installed….. back-up? Yeah right, I had recently cleaned out my external drive, I was going to set it up differently…. flushed the lot! the ultimate purge! Work, finance, oodles of personal gear… all gone. The good news was that I got away with my tunes & pics in tact.

Anyways that's my excuse for the lack of blog for a whole month…. Now where was I?