Finally I got my fix….

There is no other thing that will replace the sensation of taking a three week break from running, be it for an injury or otherwise and then going out and finding the feeling all over again. I had resisted running on what feels like the makings of an injury for that extra week and I am fairly proud of that, in the past I would have run through the discomfort and totally trashed it…. Anyway, today I drove to the monument as against running over the mountain via the trails… hooked up with Roly & Chops and away we went. The aches & pains (3,5/10) almost completely faded after about 20 minutes and I relaxed and enjoyed the morning…. nothing fast and a couple of loops at the top of the mountain. Jeez was it ever good to be in the woods again, I've missed it badly. Ran for about 1hr20mins… picked up the pace for the last 15 mins, felt good!

Home in time to make a huge breakfast for the entire gang…. and now out to do a little garden stuff. Beautiful morning.


and I have to share today's musical discovery… bloc party

nothing to do with Quebec politics… just a good sounding band… I thank Binky for this dicovery.


One response to “Finally I got my fix….

  1. Oh, baby, you’re not doing too well with this blog thing – it needs to be fed! We readers are anxiously awaiting your postings with baited breath! Write! Anything! Grommit!!!

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