blogging on the weekend…

It seems that the only time I get to scribble a few notes here is at the weekend when I would/should probably be running. It's a nice routine though, big mug of coffee, comfy sofa, my mac and peace & quiet while the others sleep in. I enjoy this time. It's really not that long ago that when the kids were babies they would get me out of bed at the crack of dawn and demand entertainment until it was time for bed….. they can entertain themselves these day, it's wonderful.

Did I run this week? Yes, well sort of. I did the gym thing on Tuesday, 30 minutes warm up on the bike, stretched, then ran a little under 4 miles on the TM in 30 minutes. The leg was uncomfortable for the first 10 minutes but the pain sort of subsided as I got a bit of a groove going… streched afterwards and completed the rest of my routine. The next day everything felt stiff and achey but not as bad as previous attempts. I think it's getting better. The hopping test says it's pretty much ok to run… but I'm inclined to make the most of the gap between training schedules and laze around and try to increase the milage back up a little more slowly.

It's been really strange not running for what is now about three weeks. At first I was craving very badly the physical act of putting on my shoes and just doing it… but now the craving as turned into something more subtle. It feels like one's identity is sort of on hold, normally my mind is never far away from thinking about my running or my training …. it's still very present in my thoughts but now it feels almost purely in my mind without the immediate actual sensation of the act….. it's strange… sort of like you're analysing somebody else.
On Thursday evening I met with a new physio, Julie. Very sweet and very keen to find what the cause of my discomfort might be. It seems my ankle is still swollen a bit and I probably have been overcompensating with my left leg….. no real revalations there. And I may have been just a bit overtrained…. [I would say undertrained given my boston result]…… anyway we got exercises to do and I guess I'm going to have to be patient for a few more days. While we were poking and proding at my leg, Julie and I agreed that the little soft lump next to my tibia probably shouldn't be there… so I made an appointment with the Dr. for next week.

Today things feel fine so I will definitely get out there for a bit of a run, although the thought of aspalt is not relly very appealling…I wish I live a little closer to some trails….. maybe I'll take a drive up to bois de liesse and take the kids bikes. A trip to Marche Jean Talon and maybe I'll find some time to work in the garden…. Gotta love them weekends. And then it started to rain… so it's more likely going to be old movies and playing around in the kitchen…. works for me either way


One response to “blogging on the weekend…

  1. “The leg was uncomfortable for the first 10 minutes but the pain sort of subsided as I got a bit of a groove going”

    You mean as the leg went numb? Haha…

    Good luck with the treatment and hope you come back in fine form!

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