denial?…. qui moi?

It peeves me that I can't do everything I (yes me!) want to do. I am selfish and greedy, I can see you nodding… but I'm OK with that. One of the things I can't do, for a simple lack of time is to keep up my blog on a regular basis. I go through the whole week thinking of all these neat things that I really need to record here, I mentally note all manner of cool stuff…. I've even gone so far as to redesign the whole approach to this page. But do I get round to it? Not a chance….. ho humm

I'll start with the running…. or the lack thereof. It has now been 14 days, 7 hours and 45 minutes since that race, and I knew going into it that my left lower leg just didn't feel right but it was nowhere near an official injury. During the race I took a total of 4 x 400mg Advil which looking back seems quite a lot…. but seemed like a reasonable dose at the time (ultrarunning readers will understand)…… I've been "clean" and icing-free for over a week now and have no pain in either my leg or ankle. The only real clue as to there ever having been any injury is when I get out of bed… I am very stiff in both lower legs and my twisted ankle creaks and groans until I've stretched it a bit. Having said that, you would think I'd rested enough, that the old corpse had recuperated to the point where I could get back to it and start building up some serious milage… not so!

Last Thursday I had lunch with another running afflicted buddy, who quizzed me a little on my plans and schedule…. my responses were vague as I really am uncertain of what's going on with my leg. It feels just fine as long as I don't try and run on it. Friday I went to the gym (sporting my overly spiffy, slightly showing off new adidas singlet from that race). I warmed up on the bike for 30 minutes, stretched fairly carefully and then mounted the treadmill. I had it in mind to run maybe 6 or 8 gentle miles and see how things felt, what actually happened was very different. I jogged maybe 10 paces and stopped the machine and got off. It hurt. It is a general aching in the calf, the front of my leg(left) and even a little down towards the ankle. One of the trainers who I'm on intimate nodding terms with watched from another treadmill…. totally puzzled by what must've been a pretty disappointed/frustrated look on my face. I did 30 minutes of hard eliptical and tried to forget it. Saturday, everything felt fine and Sunday I cycled for about an hour and a half to work off some of the weekends overindulgences…. I'll talk about that in a minute. So what is this injury? There is no specific site…. ie if I prod with my finger I can't find a spot that really hurts…. which makes me think it ain't a stress fracture…. it isn't pulled muscles or tendonitis….. could it just be bad shin splints? (a la Mercury)… I'm giving it another day and then I will try the TM test again. "Get some fizzio" I hear yelled collectively…. but I tried and they're all too flippin busy! I'll try again in the morning…. Am I going to start panicking yet? No. We'll give it another week or so and see how things feel? I had already got my head around not doing anything much or structured until the third week in May at which point I want to be fit and strong…. and maybe even a little focused. Yes I'm in denial.

As for the rest of my life…. too much work (well at least it isn't interfering with my running) a bit too much out-of-towning….. missing my family… missing my own bed. Hotels are such a yawn.


5 responses to “denial?…. qui moi?

  1. Sorry to hear about your “injury” – let’s hope that it’s just your body’s way to say it needs to recuperate from the race and all the training leading up to it, and that it isn’t a real injury.

  2. One word : FIZZEO.

    I have a name for you. I`ll email it to you.

  3. How disappointing, I feel for you. Best to have someone check it out Gro, a number of us are going to decent physios – surely one is available. Take care. df

  4. Hey G, Sorry about the leg pain. Take all the time you need.
    I’ll need at least one freindly face running Jay with me, well you’ll do.

  5. Hi Gro. It sure sounds like tendonitis to me. Why not ice up before and after, along with Advil By the way, I didn’t have shin splints, never have. It sems to have been a bruise inside from the pounding I took coming downhill. Icing was the magic elixer(along with Advil). All seems well now. As well, I wouldn’t try stretching without an adequate warmup. I shoould also mention that when you were trying out the treadmill, could you have perhaps given up the ghost too soon? Sometimes the first 5 minutes, if done slow enough, will sufficiently lubricate all of the moving parts and the pain will fade into oblivion. All that would remain would be to ice up (with real ice-not cold packs) afterwards. If on the other hand the pain persisted beyond 5 minutes, I would be inclined to stop and change activities like you did. Summary: Give it more of a chance. Good luck! Don’t be a stranger!

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