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Off to the doctor today…. finally

….. and yet I still feel like I'm wasting the Dr.'s time, there has to be a gazillion other folk who need this guy's time more than me… did a short recovery run this morning before the rain started…. stiff at the beginning, dull ache throughout (3/10)… I am so looking forward to being doing this without whining about the the injuries


the brown line = hr

the blue line = speed or lack thereof


Oromocto sucks……

It's raining in New Brunswick and hotel's pool/hot-tub is out of order due to an excess of chlorine. Oromocto sucks…. well at least this little bit of it does.

But the good new is… I went for a pretty good 2,5hr run yesterday and everything seems to be OK today, well apart from the ache that comes after a few weeks of doing not much of anything. It's a good ache.

stream.jpg longlakeaerial.jpg

I haven't been very good at finding the time to blog much… but i did make a few notes here and there along the way over the past week or so… it went like this [again upside down…

last wednesday

well I'll try and make use of this little bit of time as I wait for my 9:30 appointment to choose his office colours. pet peeve: people that don't respect other folk's time. Ho Humm.
Well I got pretty bad case of the glums today, following a disappointing setback with my running. Sunday's run resulted in slightly achy legs but nothing out of the ordinaire…. rested on Monday and decided to do a short recovery run last night after dinner. Again I aborted the workout with what was a more specific pain on the front of my shin… 8/10 enough to stop me and send me to the freezer for an ice pack. Yesterday morning everything felt fine with no residue from Sunday's run. I am beginning to fear the worst.
Fast forward to Sunday evening and here I am waiting for a plane, again. It's mother's day. It was also one of those non-custodial weekends of catching up on our sleep and tidying up a few outstanding work stuff. The sleep felt good, nine hours two nights in a row…. unheard of, although I confess I was awake both mornings at five.
Today I didn't run. Didn't train in any way nor did I do any of the exercises the PT prescribed on Thursday. Julie, the therapist is very sweet but really doesn't have an idea what might be my problem and is stumped for a solution. Stretch & strengthen seems to be the universal cure. We booked an appointment with the Dr. who will probably want an x-ray or maybe even an MRI …. I can't wait.
Julie maintains my legs aren't strong enough for what I'm doing' particularly the calves and hamstrings…. couldn't help but feel a little insulted. I mean she was proud to tell me of her one half marathon finish in 2:xx …… I guess she knows best, however she has referred me to another PT who specializes in track & field…. we will get to the bottom of this. So Friday got a large dose of Swiss ball abs & toe lifts…. to the point where the muscles stared to ache. No running. Saturday, repeated the exercises with 45 minutes of elliptical torture with similar results.
I really don't have any pain until I start running, which I haven't tested since last Tuesday…. it really feels like everything is just fine until I start to run and every time I've set out to test it, it's been more or less ok on the first workout, it's the following session that hurts. I have brought the shoes with me for this trip and will probably repeat the test again….. This time I'll start with a recovery type run for about half an hour and then try again the next day…. I can share my results with the Dr. on Thursday. maybe I'll have nothing to talk about, 'cause right at the moment everything feels great. I think I still have time to get ready for Jay and Haliburton may a little compromised but at this point I still think it's highly do-able.
sunday evening Where am I off to? Halifax and then New Brunswick on Tuesday back to yul on Wednesday.
On another note…. Grommit has been jonesing for a canine companion since his ex. made him choose between his golden retriever or her. He choose the human….. and ended up with neither. So we got talking to our neighbours over the road who are about to replace their Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier with a Portuguese Water Dog which just happens to be the breed that I'm interested in. Anyway they introduced us to the owner of "Harry Higgins" who we will get to meet soon and then hopefully the breeder will accept us as a suitable family for one of their puppies…. I'm excited about this, I've always loved dogs and I miss Charlotte, my retriever who died of old age earlier this year, she was 14.
Fast forward to Monday evening. My day finished at about five so as it was sch a beautiful day I just couldn't resist it. Although my legs felt fine I had it in my head to run at the most about 40 minutes. Yeah right. I had noticed on my last couple of trips up here, a spot close to the highway not to far from my hotel where there are always a hanful of cars parked at what looked like the entrance to some hiking trails and the sign said Long lake provincial park… How could I not go take a peek. So the jog there took about 50 minutes and about 100 metres into the park I was in front of a totally beautiful lake. The path around the lake was uneven, strewn with rocks, roots coming ot of everywhere…. total Heaven. I ran for about another hour in the park and then decided to head back to the hotel as my legs were beginning to feel just a tad beaten up. I couldn't think of a good reason not to do the brisk walk thing for the last 20 minutes so I did, with the odd spurt of running thrown in. How much pain? not much really. The shin ached a little 3/10 for the first half an hour but then it faded with the odd little twinge from time to time. More noticably, my legs sort of ached like running for a couple of hours was all new. Found myself sort of smiling as this thought passed as I run through the woods all alone. Felt much more like me.
And now dinner. We'll see how it all feels in the am

Finally I got my fix….

There is no other thing that will replace the sensation of taking a three week break from running, be it for an injury or otherwise and then going out and finding the feeling all over again. I had resisted running on what feels like the makings of an injury for that extra week and I am fairly proud of that, in the past I would have run through the discomfort and totally trashed it…. Anyway, today I drove to the monument as against running over the mountain via the trails… hooked up with Roly & Chops and away we went. The aches & pains (3,5/10) almost completely faded after about 20 minutes and I relaxed and enjoyed the morning…. nothing fast and a couple of loops at the top of the mountain. Jeez was it ever good to be in the woods again, I've missed it badly. Ran for about 1hr20mins… picked up the pace for the last 15 mins, felt good!

Home in time to make a huge breakfast for the entire gang…. and now out to do a little garden stuff. Beautiful morning.


and I have to share today's musical discovery… bloc party

nothing to do with Quebec politics… just a good sounding band… I thank Binky for this dicovery.

blogging on the weekend…

It seems that the only time I get to scribble a few notes here is at the weekend when I would/should probably be running. It's a nice routine though, big mug of coffee, comfy sofa, my mac and peace & quiet while the others sleep in. I enjoy this time. It's really not that long ago that when the kids were babies they would get me out of bed at the crack of dawn and demand entertainment until it was time for bed….. they can entertain themselves these day, it's wonderful.

Did I run this week? Yes, well sort of. I did the gym thing on Tuesday, 30 minutes warm up on the bike, stretched, then ran a little under 4 miles on the TM in 30 minutes. The leg was uncomfortable for the first 10 minutes but the pain sort of subsided as I got a bit of a groove going… streched afterwards and completed the rest of my routine. The next day everything felt stiff and achey but not as bad as previous attempts. I think it's getting better. The hopping test says it's pretty much ok to run… but I'm inclined to make the most of the gap between training schedules and laze around and try to increase the milage back up a little more slowly.

It's been really strange not running for what is now about three weeks. At first I was craving very badly the physical act of putting on my shoes and just doing it… but now the craving as turned into something more subtle. It feels like one's identity is sort of on hold, normally my mind is never far away from thinking about my running or my training …. it's still very present in my thoughts but now it feels almost purely in my mind without the immediate actual sensation of the act….. it's strange… sort of like you're analysing somebody else.
On Thursday evening I met with a new physio, Julie. Very sweet and very keen to find what the cause of my discomfort might be. It seems my ankle is still swollen a bit and I probably have been overcompensating with my left leg….. no real revalations there. And I may have been just a bit overtrained…. [I would say undertrained given my boston result]…… anyway we got exercises to do and I guess I'm going to have to be patient for a few more days. While we were poking and proding at my leg, Julie and I agreed that the little soft lump next to my tibia probably shouldn't be there… so I made an appointment with the Dr. for next week.

Today things feel fine so I will definitely get out there for a bit of a run, although the thought of aspalt is not relly very appealling…I wish I live a little closer to some trails….. maybe I'll take a drive up to bois de liesse and take the kids bikes. A trip to Marche Jean Talon and maybe I'll find some time to work in the garden…. Gotta love them weekends. And then it started to rain… so it's more likely going to be old movies and playing around in the kitchen…. works for me either way

denial?…. qui moi?

It peeves me that I can't do everything I (yes me!) want to do. I am selfish and greedy, I can see you nodding… but I'm OK with that. One of the things I can't do, for a simple lack of time is to keep up my blog on a regular basis. I go through the whole week thinking of all these neat things that I really need to record here, I mentally note all manner of cool stuff…. I've even gone so far as to redesign the whole approach to this page. But do I get round to it? Not a chance….. ho humm

I'll start with the running…. or the lack thereof. It has now been 14 days, 7 hours and 45 minutes since that race, and I knew going into it that my left lower leg just didn't feel right but it was nowhere near an official injury. During the race I took a total of 4 x 400mg Advil which looking back seems quite a lot…. but seemed like a reasonable dose at the time (ultrarunning readers will understand)…… I've been "clean" and icing-free for over a week now and have no pain in either my leg or ankle. The only real clue as to there ever having been any injury is when I get out of bed… I am very stiff in both lower legs and my twisted ankle creaks and groans until I've stretched it a bit. Having said that, you would think I'd rested enough, that the old corpse had recuperated to the point where I could get back to it and start building up some serious milage… not so!

Last Thursday I had lunch with another running afflicted buddy, who quizzed me a little on my plans and schedule…. my responses were vague as I really am uncertain of what's going on with my leg. It feels just fine as long as I don't try and run on it. Friday I went to the gym (sporting my overly spiffy, slightly showing off new adidas singlet from that race). I warmed up on the bike for 30 minutes, stretched fairly carefully and then mounted the treadmill. I had it in mind to run maybe 6 or 8 gentle miles and see how things felt, what actually happened was very different. I jogged maybe 10 paces and stopped the machine and got off. It hurt. It is a general aching in the calf, the front of my leg(left) and even a little down towards the ankle. One of the trainers who I'm on intimate nodding terms with watched from another treadmill…. totally puzzled by what must've been a pretty disappointed/frustrated look on my face. I did 30 minutes of hard eliptical and tried to forget it. Saturday, everything felt fine and Sunday I cycled for about an hour and a half to work off some of the weekends overindulgences…. I'll talk about that in a minute. So what is this injury? There is no specific site…. ie if I prod with my finger I can't find a spot that really hurts…. which makes me think it ain't a stress fracture…. it isn't pulled muscles or tendonitis….. could it just be bad shin splints? (a la Mercury)… I'm giving it another day and then I will try the TM test again. "Get some fizzio" I hear yelled collectively…. but I tried and they're all too flippin busy! I'll try again in the morning…. Am I going to start panicking yet? No. We'll give it another week or so and see how things feel? I had already got my head around not doing anything much or structured until the third week in May at which point I want to be fit and strong…. and maybe even a little focused. Yes I'm in denial.

As for the rest of my life…. too much work (well at least it isn't interfering with my running) a bit too much out-of-towning….. missing my family… missing my own bed. Hotels are such a yawn.