A cold & wet Sunday morning

Yuck what a grim day out there, the kids'll be bored for sure…. they'll play on the computer for a while but what then? I know….. I'll make them go through all their toys and clothes and so I can take the unwanted stuff to the FQDI, a good cause who usually pass by and pick up stuff at this time of year.

Rented a couple of movies last night…. I don't think you get two more different themes but in a weird sort of way they shared some similarities. Both Euro, both a bit on the cult side of art and both very tongue in cheek. Tom introduced us to Brice de Nice and me, well I was listening to the beeb the other day and they were talking about Trainspotting so I'v been jonesing to rent this again for a while. Probably one of my fave all time movies….


Did anybody watch the series Rome? Now I know where I recognised Lucius Vorenus from….. it was Tommy, the healthy kid who died from AIDS complications caused by the kittens feces…

On another note, a bunch of the Montreal CR crew are out doing the Nike Half today… can't say I envy them in this rain. As for me I, I still have a bit of anache in left calf and shin which was there before Boston. The smart thing to do would be to make the most of the month gap in my training plans, get to know a new fizzio and take it easy until it's all better. Sounds like a plan.


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