Need my endorfin fix…. soon or I’ll go nuts


can anybody identify the little flowers that grow in the shade under my spruce tree? They flower for about a week at this time of year and close up at night… they're gorgeous.

So I never made it to the mountain today but I did get to go shopping downtown! Yippee!! This goes down as probably the activity that I like least in life…. thank God for the internet!  I should also give a shoutout to the wombats who did the Futureshop website… do not believe the "stock search" feature. The item that I could not wait a few days to have delivered was not in fact in store… they lied!! and I wasted half my day.


2 responses to “Need my endorfin fix…. soon or I’ll go nuts

  1. Those flowers are beautiful, but I cannot identify them. Enjoyed your quick and fun post.



  2. yep, beautiful, look familiar, possible I’ve seen these around trees on mountain ??

    Future shop, happens all the, my boss, you have to go there, forget the web site.

    When I get a sec, I’ll look over the 100 plan

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