Constant craving….. so here’s the plan

run in the woods.jpg

so after a dreary day day of non-stop meetings with an outside view of nothing but concrete what could be better than a huge amount of cheese stuffed pasta in a blue cheese sauce, apple crumble & a couple of hours of hotel room…….

I really should be working, but I ain't. I'm laying on my huge kingsize bed fantasizing about the seasons runs/races…. getting muddy, hot, sweaty and going to a new place in my head…sick I know?
The legs are definitely coming back at a good rate of repair…. I will go easy on them from now until the Tuesday after Victoria day….. but then the fun starts……. May22nd I'm gonna train for Haliburton using a slightly heavier milage version of the VT50 schedule that seemed to work so well. I will also through in a couple of overnight runs, the Jay Challenge marathon an the Fatass 50K (maybe the 100K option who knows)… 


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