first day back on the trails, albeit wet, snowy, muddy…. but this is love!

So the sun sort of came out and the temperature went up to a huge 7 degees celcius which is plenty warm enough for shorts if you ask me. Jr. grabbed his bike and we headed to the mountain. The trail that I usually run was covered in a loose granular type of snow with a liberal smattering of canine fecal matter that gives that musty compost sort of hum to the air, my shoes were soaked within 200 yards! Followed the trails over to the main route up the hill which was like a little stream in places and dry in other spots… But who cares I was out running with no tights, mud all over me and a grin from ear to ear. It feels just so good, vital and alive. I ran for 2:03 and probably covered about 14.5 miles. Took care of my ankle and maintained my heart rate around 145bpm. All is well. I’m going to do about 18 tomorrow to round the week out to 41 miles…. just 3 weeks to Boston and I’m comfortable with the condition I’m in…. good enough to get over the line without any embarassment… fingers crossed.

06 boston bib_.jpg

9283 will put me in the 9th coral in the first wave of starters which is a couple of corals back from the last time I was there, but I’m happy just to get to line up.


4 responses to “first day back on the trails, albeit wet, snowy, muddy…. but this is love!

  1. Congrats in landing in the first wave. At least you won’t have to deal with the thought of having to wait an extra half hour in the baking sun


  2. Good job on coming back from the ankle issue!

    Sounds like fun on the mountain, wish I could roll around in **** with the rest of ya…

  3. I’m still waiting anxiously for new blog postings … you’ve been slacking, G! Get to it, hup, hup …

  4. Come on Gro, where’s our fix of your musings…the race is on Monday, you got time to bring us up to speed…the ole library chick

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