Just never enough time….

Photo_032206_001abitiabitibi plane.jpg

Seems to be becoming a habit, blogging on the plane. Abitibi to Montreal gives me about an hour & a half to catch up on nearly a weeks blog neglect.
I’m always whining about my chronic lack of time and of late it just seems to get worse and worse. The list of undone things to do gets longer. Why? It bugs me to the point where I can feel an overhaul of my priorities coming. Not now, but it’s coming.
My last run log/blog was a pretty satisfying interval session on the TM. I missed the recovery run and modified the midweek longish run. Saturday evening I was home alone so I got in another eight miles and as I had Sunday afternoon all to myself I indulged and stretched out my long run to 23.3 miles. The weeks total was about 52 miles which normally would be nothing terribly exciting, however with the lost month of training because of the ankle this represents good news for the Boston trip.
Abitibi is a long way from Montreal. It’s been a dozen or so years since I’ve visited this neck of the tundra, and man is it a long way from “la grande ville”. As with most of rural Québec the folk are super-nice …. but if your not into “motoneige”, caribou-masacres and sitting in a garden shed on a frozen lake drinking gin/beer and staring into a hole in the ice… well you’re out of luck. Maybe the skidoo trails would make good running in the summer… hmmm.
Last Saturday’s knees-up chez L & E was a whole lot of fun. I was even tempted to dance a little but stopped myself just in time. Ate way too many strawberries dipped in chocolate but as always did my designated driver duties and was safely home in bed before the sun came up.
I have discovered an artist that I always knew was out there but never really listened to. The couple of bits they play on CHOM are really not a fair reflection of how good he really is, why didn’t I notice Bruce Cockburn sooner. His website is pretty neat and lets you listen to one complete track from each album. I have yet to find the track that I heard on CBC “Islands in The Blue Sky” so a trip to Archambault is probably due.
On the subject of time-wasting, my new treo 600 took a tumble in the supermarket and the speaker died. I had had the thing less than 2 weeks so I ended up wasting another morning getting it switched and upgraded to the treo 650 which is apparently a much sturdier phone and may even survive my abuse. I am totally amazed at all the stuff that they manage to cram into this gadget, I can pretty much leave my laptop at home now.
There’s a 10K race this weekend that is beckoning but it would mean skipping my last 20 miler or maybe doing it 3 weeks out from Boston. It sort of makes sense, I could rationalise this week’s lack of mileage as a “cut-back” week. Sounds like a plan, assuming my ankle is now close to 100% better. It aches a little when I wake up in the morning but a little stretching sorts that out. Every now and then I’ll get a tiny shooting pain in the back of my ankle… it goes just as quick as it arrives, but it’s a little worrysome.
I really can’t wait to go check out the condition of the trails on the mountain. Its been nearly 2 months since I did my ankle and since then I have run nothing but treadmill and nice flat tarmac… bring on the rocks, roots and mud.
Anyway it seems we’re coming into land…. back to civilization


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