….not so far off, with a little focus and some loud tunes!

intervals5x600 14-03-061.jpg

so tonight’s trip to the gym went like this: 15 mins warm up on the stationary bike followed by an 8 mile vo2max type work out. 5 X 600m intervals @ 5K pace(6:40) with 90 seconds jog(8:00) in between. And as a little bit of a test of the cardio/condition thing I did the last 3 miles at +/- 7:10. (total time 57:05 not too shabby!) I can’t say anything really complained that much apart from my ankle for the last mile and if anything the old legs felt pretty fresh at the end. Came away feeling pretty positive about the state of play…. 45 mins of core/upperbod and 20 mins steam bath made for a very satisfying workout. Should be noted that I find my HR about 5% higher than prior to the twisted ankle lay off… to be expected I imagine.

On another note, it’s friggin snowing again!! What’s with that I was just getting used to the filthy streets, visable potholes and defrosted canine fecal matter… when mother nature covers it all up again. Ho Hummm. winter has officially one more week but after that I ain’t cuttin her any more slack.

Toying with the idea of running the Boreal St Pats day half on Sunday….. slowly and then adding another 6 or so miles and calling it my 20 miler… but there’s a very promising looking party the night before, no kids this weekend and the SO is out of town….. tough call!! What would you do?

Should also be noted that I’m slipping back into the early seventies… still playing Diamond Dogs… they just don’t make em like that any more.


4 responses to “….not so far off, with a little focus and some loud tunes!

  1. Pretty impressive coming off an ankle injury.
    Looks like you should still do well in Boston, Just don’t fight with any more potholes. Go G Go

  2. ….. I’m thinking about going past wellesey school twice this year…

  3. TB is doing the Boreal (I think), but you won’t get to that if you party up a storm, tick tock tick tock, decisions, decisions…I tell ya when the so is away the guys will play ; – ) the ole library chick

  4. Do both. Heck, why not! You only live once …

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