spring break at Sugarbush… should be 2 weeks not 2 days!

P3100050.JPGmarch 10
everything’s melting! sitting in the nook area of our beautiful B&B in Waitsfield VT everything outside is suddenly turning to water. Thursday’s skiing was wicked on great snow with a mixture of snow and sleet falling pretty much all day, the rain that fell on Montreal missed Sugarbush. And the best thing about taking a couple of days spring break outside of Quebec is the fact that you pretty much have the mountain to yourself, and at a discount price as well. An adult lift pass for Sugarbush & Mad River Glen was only $37US. We may ski MRG today we’ll see how Tom & Chloé feel after breakfast.
The ankle was very strange yesterday. The ski boot seemed a little more snug than usual but not uncomfortable, obviously there is no sideways movement and the support in my boot should have held everything in place, this it did. The first run was real slow and easy but got at least 6/10 on the discomfort meter and left me thinking I was in for a painful and frustratingly long day. But after another 2 or 3 runs the pain all but disappeared. It was as if my ankle got enough endorphin to realise complaining wasn’t going to change much and apart from being a little stiff and achy, the rest of the day I hardly noticed it. It’s probably worth noting that yesterday was the first time I managed a whole day without any of the usual spectacular wipe outs. Not one!
march 11:

I decided as my ankle was up to this skiing stuff so I could be a bit more adventurous and as the ski store had a sale on demo skis I thought I’d try me a pair. The dude in the proshop fitted me up with a pair of overpriced Head things and away we went. The demo skis made me realise how light my own skis are, these things were about 50% heavier and a bit stiffer, but jeez murphy they were way faster too [maybe I should have bought them]. Grommit jr. had his nose put out of joint when he found out his old man could still beat him down the hill given a decent pair of skis. Now he wants new skis too, what have I started? The rain started at about 2:30friday afternoon but by that time I think we were done. No line ups, fast chair lifts and longer runs meant we pretty much trashed our quads in about half as much time as it would have taken at Sutton or Tremblant…. We love that sensation of not being able to make your legs respond as you come to the end on that last run.
We do so love Vermont, but why are they still listening to Bob Segar and the Eagles? It’s a bit like being in Toronto, so stuck in the 70’s. Chloé also remarked on the sense of fashion down here… there just isn’t any, which is probably a good thing right? and what’s with the fact that 3 out of 4 cars are Subarus?
march 11
I may run later today, I’ll see how I feel, the weather looks beautiful out there this morning. Spring might have sprung let’s hope so I’ve had it with winter….. After the drive home, lunch, tuning the boy’s bikes, a walk on the mountain, a trip to Jean Talon market….. dinner, a movie and an early night was all I could manage. I’ll train tomorrow.


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