a table for one…. no thanks


If there’s one thing that I really don’t like about being on the road, it’s the eating alone. It doesn’t matter how brilliant the food is or how orgasmic the desserts might be…. I always feel like a total loser asking for a table for one. It’s not so bad at lunch time but the evening are brutal. I have two ways round this situation: solution one, don’t go! find a health food store buy the best looking yogourt and fruit in the place, chocolate, fruit and all the other stuff that the kids get to before me at home. Go back to the hotel, sit in your undies and scoff the lot. Solution two, find restaurants which serve food at the bar and chat with the barmaid (professional smalltalkers). Tonight we went with the first option.

The Ottawa Y is in real bad need of a facelift. The cardio equipment is old, tired and guess what they only allow 30 mins on the TM… had to go round twice, and as this old geezer didn’t have his specs he could quite make out the tiny print on the waiting list for TM’s he put his name in the wrong box. Stoopid old fool. Warmed up for 20 mins on the bike, and then tried a bit of an interval type work out. I felt slow and heavy and although my breathing and HR seemed ok I just didn’t seem to have “it”. Never mind, there always tomorrow. 8 miles with 6 x quarter mile intervals (6:40) 58:10. did a few curls and then hit the sauna. No complaints worth mentioning from my ankle, although a little swelling still remains…

Last year’s photo is there to cheer me up, I enjoyed that day so much I only have to see a photo, hear a certain piece of music… let’s go


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