things seems back on track…. fingers crossed


We’re still not getting much done this weekend other lounging around and wasting time, it’s wonderful…. Sunday morning, la grasse matinée: which I always understood had something to do with laying in bed in a half sleep not worrying about the time. And then I found this and my blog went and got all cultural & deep.

So the photo is the tiny orchid that was rescued from a tradeshow last year. It was destined for the garbage until I salvaged it for our bathroom, now it flowers merrily as the sun begins to warm up for the spring. It was a beautiful day out there today, the type of day that warms the spirit and melts some snow.

The long awaited run went well. I stretched, warmed up for 10 minutes on the stationary bike and then cautiously did 8 miles at a slowish sort of pace (1:03). I tried to focus on my form a bit, landing at the front of my foot, which will now bend enough to run properly. I think the lack of flexibility caused by the swelling was forcing me to land badly, more to the heel and this was hurting the ankle more. Anyway today we had none of that, only the tiniest spot of stiffness and almost nothing in the way of discomfort. We’ll proceed with care, strictly treadmill this week and nothing that might strain the bits around my greatly improved ankle


One response to “things seems back on track…. fingers crossed

  1. luv orchids, but uncertain if I could keep one alive..have you read The Orchid Thief by Susan Orlean ?

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