…… a non-custodial weekend

I miss ’em horribly when they’re not around but the 50/50 custody split affords a weekend of badly needed, overdue self indulgence which started very nicely on friday evening. The bouillabaisse at Portus Calle totally hits the spot every time, watching the snow fall as the good folk on St. Laurent shuffle by. We are truely lucky to live in Montreal, if only for all the great restaurants that woud cost 3 times the price in any other North American city.

Saturday morning listening to the beeb. It’s an old-age thing they keep playing tunes that I’d forgotten, lost or mislaid. Obviously it’s all heavily skewed towards the other side of the pond and a huge percentage of the content means nothing over here to my fellow canadians but let’s face it the 70/80/90’s in the UK beat the cultural snot out of anything that was happening over here. OK hands up all of you that were able to recite this while you were waiting for the first track to start? K is at the other end of the sofa as I type this wondering wtf that minute of lost David bowie was all about.

diamond dogs.jpg

When was the last time you heard In deep, “last night a dj saved my life”? bbc6 is the only place where they can play this without so much as a tiny flinch… I’ve just limewired this nugget of extreme good taste and will save it for the next djgrommitmix knees-up….. hell I’m gonna put it on a new playlist and phunk my lardarse down to the gym as soon as finished here… but I’ll be back.

The machines at the gym are too mechanical. I realised after about half an hour of stationary bike that I just wasn’t getting any sort of buzz from the workout. My little heart duly bumped along at about 140bpm and the sweat was flowing but that was it…. no buzz! Got of the bike after 45mins and got onto the rowing machine for 30 mins, same deal. Never mind, I think I’ve decided that the ankle is pretty well good to go again. I have lost almost all the swelling and I have about 90% of the range of motion to the point where stretching will be an option again. Funny I’ve missed the stretching too. I will tread very carefully back into what’s left of my training.
Spring must be getting close. I noticed that two of my bloomless orchids in the south-facing bathroom window are working on making some flowers for me. They did this last year at about the time the snow started to melt and we could almost consider opening a window. We’re getting there.


One response to “…… a non-custodial weekend

  1. Hey Gro – missed our morning coffee talk – me and the munchkin just checked out your kite – nice.

    Hi Gary, this is Zoé, do you have the kite in the picture ? We noticed its a german site – but mom says you bought yours in the states ?

    I wouldn’t mind the monarch… : – ) bye Z

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