Approach with caution…. injured runners bite!

phoenix.jpgIt’s been just three days since my last workout and honestly I’m not that sure I’ll make it all the way to Sunday without a run of some discription. The plan was that I’d just hop on the ET and sweat it out that way…. easier said than done, way easier said than done! Monday’s a day off, right? Anyway I was still feeling pretty good about Sunday’s couple of hours. I’m giving myself the excuse for Tuesday that a bunch of month end stuff had to be in, so I just snuck past the machine without too much guilt. I even got up extra early on Wednesday to do a portion of Tuesday’s missed workout…. yeah right! Coffee & e-mail. No workout… not even a few weights. And Thursday came & went in pretty much the same style. In my defense I must point out that my SO has been out of town or working late all this week so I’ve had to pick up the slack on the kids front which has reduced the workout opportunities and work is gaining a little momentum…. excuses, excuses!

OK, so having rationalised that side of things… Let’s deal with the bats in the belfry. By nature I have a real problem with moderation in all it’s manifestations…. and the low that an endorfine-starved runner might feel is anything but moderate when it hits your truly. I’ve been miserably grouchy, testy… nay downright unpleasant for the last 48 hours. My sincere apologies go out to all those who may not have got served the flavour they ordered, I’ll see that the management is infomed….. This is only exacerbated by my running out of St John’s Wort. I’m not sure who it was that introduced me to the marvelous herbal fix… but it came in handy at various stressful moments along the way and now serves to calm my injured mind as I wait for the ankle to heal. Grommit Jr. got a less than spectacular school report and can attest to Snr.’s mood. We’ve since agreed on a plan of action to improve the score…. less Roooonscape!! more homework!!

So what’s with the kite? This is one of my other fave things…… My Phoenix Kite is what I would be doing if it were spring. I’ve had a kite for about the last twenty-five years, this one I bought on vacation in Charleston a few years ago. So every time there’ enough wind and I need some “air” you’ll find me in the park…. click on the video button of this product site… awesome.

Musically….. [as nobody is about to complain “what is that crap?”] we’ve been listening to Henryk Gorecki’s Symphony no.3 (The Symphony of Sorrowful Songs )


3 responses to “Approach with caution…. injured runners bite!

  1. Hey Gro – my munchkin luvs kites, I’ll show her the site. She actually got grandma # 2, the one with two good legs to take to an open space on Wednesday and they put up a kite they purchased a while ago. If you have time to read, there is a novel entitled The Kite Runners, about two Afgan boys. A first book for the author, interesting.

    Hang in there, give your ankle the chance to heal. Yeah, look who’s talking – Df

  2. G. The time off may actually help you get stronger. Not sure about the wort potion but a nice glass of wine usually helps to pick up my spirits.

    I’m sure we will see you on the mountain soon.


  3. Endorphin-starved – I hear ya. I’m going looney without the running…

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