….maybe I should’ve gone straight for plan c…. dah!


The Humble Slug….

It occured to me while I was stepping and sweating like a pig on the ET this morning that maybe I shouldn’t have even bothered with the pool….. Maybe I should’ve rested a week or so and then gone for the eliptical trainer. The pool made my eyes sore and frustrated me more than anything else and then I went back to the running just a little too quickly, I know I needed a few more days. Never mind, I’m pretty certain that I’ll still have enough time to get in some sort of reasonable shape for Easter Monday/Patriots day.

The workout that you get from an ET is not exactly the same muscle groups as running but it’s a lot closer to the real thing than swimming. This morning’s 2 hours kept my HR between 125-130, sent my tootsies slightly numb and gave my quads a harder workout than they would have normally have had, when I got off the thing the legs were decidedly wobbly, weak and watery. The sensation is very similar to a gradual climb… this will come in useful for later in the season, there’s no shortage of hills in the forecast.

And now for the rest of my weekend……


5 responses to “….maybe I should’ve gone straight for plan c…. dah!

  1. I hear ya. I’m been on the DL for the last 3 weeks and the only thing I can do is bike and eliptical. The bike is good to get in a good interval workout minus the impact and the eliptical is so-so for cardio and simulating the running movement as much as possible. Depending on the degree of your injury, I would suggest increasing the resistance rather than the incline and going for good speed turnover to reduce the quad workout that the eliptical produces. I’m still experimenting. If you have any tips, let me know!

    Is the ankle still swollen?

  2. Grommit, If your gym has a good rowing machine try it out it is a great cardio workout and uses both upper and lower body muscles.

  3. The only reason you don’t like the pool is because you swim like a wuss. Alright, alright, I should give you a chance. I take that back – you did help me look at cars today and I do appreciate that. Anyway, even with your sprained ankle, you can still whup me in any road race. Don’t be too hard on your ankle … ’cause we care … xoxo

    p.s. Tell you what, for your birthday, we will go out and I will buy you a pair of goggles 🙂

  4. Not much rambling going on here the last few days.

  5. Boy Gro. You are exactly where I was last year. Everything you are going through, well……been there, done that. Bye the way, cute feet. take care of them.

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