…. a few steps backwards, small ones we hope!!


So I’ve never really had that much trouble getting out the door…. even on the coldest of mornings and today was no exception. Minus 21 c with the wind, I had planned to do a slow relaxing 12 miles, leaving lots of space for Sunday’s lsd trot with Chops. All was well, just the right amount of layers and the legs felt good. The only thing was that my ankle started to complain after about 15 minutes, I pressed on for about another 10 minutes which brought me to the closest point to home without completing the whole loop [I had planned to do two]. At this point my brain overtook my macho/stupid wanting to continue, I ran/walked home. Merde, it was cold!!
I have to confess that I’m more than a little bummed with this setback, however I think it’s exactly [and only] that…. a setback. The pic sort of shows the degree of swelling left in my ankle [right, you fool] and I think the running today on the uneven pavement/snow/ice [as against the even TM] may have irritated it a bit more. I will now go for Plan C, Plan B was aborted due to my not really liking the laps at the pool even a tiny bit, too much splashing and not enough sweat. Plan C is the in-house eliptical trainer, it ain’t a bad machine and I have been known to go a couple of hours at a time… way harder workout than the grommit breast-stroke laps. I know I can maintain my cardio this way, I’ll stick it out for a week or so and then try and get in 4 weeks of training and a couple of weeks taper…. sounds like a plan. N’est pas? It’s not really much of a plan for Boston but it’s all we got for the moment. Anyway, there’s going to be loads of funner things later in the year and if I really need to do the BQ thing again I can find a venue somewhere else.

The tricky part of this exercise is get my head around the frustration of being sidelined by such a dumb injury. I was feeling really great about the training this time round and was confident of a fair result… Bollocks! Look out ET [as against TM] here I come…. in fact it’s positioned in front of the TV in the basement and I will watch a couple of old movies. Talking of which, the boys and I rented two real classics, Clint & Steve for the weekend.

Here’s a really interesting option that I heard while I was merrily listening to zionradio, you can go to democratmatch.com and they promise you absolutely NO right-wing psycho Bush supporters….. only liberal minded free thinking singles…. go get em I say!

Grommit….. scouring the net so you don’t have to…..


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