a hard workout don’t come easy…..

Video Snapshot 2.jpg

Portrait of a time waster!!

So last night’s run was just what I needed!! It’s been a while since I did the lactate thing for more than half an hour…. and an hour into last night’s workout I felt it, not anywhere in particular …. more of a general stress all over. I must’ve lost a little form, either that or I’m getting old. So the details: TM at the gym 12 miles 1:26:19, average HR 162. It’s the heartrate that’s probably the important bit of data here, I targeted to stay around 160 to give me an idea of where I am as far as pace goes…. 7:12 which is pretty much on target, no complaints with that. This morning everything feels just fine and ready to go again…..
As for the ankle, nothing more than the dull ache. Iced, Ibuprofened and if anything it’s feeling as if the workout [with neoprene brace] seems to help. It bugs me that I cant stretch it out much but it’ll come I guess.
We have a couple of new tunes stuck on the play list… Kanye West is too cool and the White Stipes just refuse to leave

And if you ever think that your life is futile… check out this guys blog


One response to “a hard workout don’t come easy…..

  1. And what’s even better is a guy looking out for blogs like his … :p

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