… an overnight stay in quebec city


I was reading in today’s “journal de quebec” that they’ve had so much snow down there that all the snow dumps are all full and the snow removal companies are complaining about having to work 120 hour weeks…. all the rain we got, they got in it’s solid fluffy form.

Anyway, I will share with you good people my all time favourite Québec city lunch-for-one venue, L’Échaudé, without a doubt the best lunch…… my Filet de Talipia was sublime… as I watched yet more of the fluffy white stuff fall… and then back to reality/work. Arghhh!

As for the running: I did 6 miles on the TM at the gym, wearing my new Neoprene ankle brace felt pretty comfortable and it’s definitely helping to reduce what’s left of the swelling. 44:30 followed by 15 minutes core and then 20 minutes on the bike keeping above 100 rpm. Spent about half an hour in the sauna and then headed for my other favorite restaurant when I’m on the road…. 2 burgers, 2 root beers & a large fries later I headed back to the hotel… to crash out. A long, 15 hour day.

Although, my schedule calls for a 12 mile LT run tonight I will save it for tomorrow… I’m gonna hit the sofa and watch Lost with the kids. I’m resisting the urge to run every day and giving my poor lame ankle a days break between workouts. It’s only wednesday and I’m really looking forward to my long run at the weekend… hopefully the weather will be a little kinder… no such luck they [whoever they may be] are predicting -9 as a high! let’s hope they got it wrong. Hurry up spring, please!


One response to “… an overnight stay in quebec city

  1. I want pictures taken by you! Not something canned from another website … um, you have a digital camera, dontcha?

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